Why did I wait so long to knit one of these?

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I have long been a fan of the book, A Fine Fleece (affiliate link). There are so many beautiful cabled sweater patterns. I purchased the book pre-loved last year and put an undyed cabled sweater on my Make Nine 2022 list.

The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash DK. I used this same yarn to knit my mohair sweater (YouTube video). It's a very soft yarn and I'm a bit concerned that it will pill rather easily. I will have to be careful about caring for this sweater.
The pattern is much easier to knit than it looks. The cable charts flow really nicely together and there's no cabling on the wrong side. I used #5 and #6 bamboo interchangeable needles to knit it. My gauge was tighter than the pattern called for, so I knit the smallest pattern size and ended up with about a 36" finished chest circumference.

I recalculated the sleeve shaping using the Worldknits calculator. It came in very handy b/c of my different gauge and I also needed to shorten the sleeves 3 inches for my t-rex arms.

Although I love knitting cables, neutral yarns, and textured sweaters, I've never taken the time to knit myself an allover aran sweater like this one before. Now that I have finally done so, I feel like I will wear it constantly. It works so well with most winter items in my closet. I posted a short video showing how I style this sweater 3 different ways:



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