Wednesday, July 10, 2019

June wrap-up and goals

We're already halfway through the year. i can hardly believe it.

Stash Check

  • Yarn Used: 1102 yds / 354 g
    Yarn Added: -268 yds / -66 g
    Difference: +834 yds / 288 g
  • Fiber Used: 12 oz
    Fiber Added: 0 oz
    Difference: +12 oz
  • Fabric Used: 0 yds
    Fabric Added: 0 yds
    Difference: -


  • June socks
  • Tied Knots
  • Aspyn Hat
  • Nest targhee
  • Hello Yarn Corriedale


  • Superhero X-stitch
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Lamby Convertible Mitts


2019 goals

  1. Keep yarn/fiber/fabric additions to a minimum: I still haven't bought anything. I've used over 4 pounds of yarn this year and almost 2 pounds of fiber.
  2. Knit from previously purchased pattern: Check! I had purchased the Aspyn hat in 2017 but I had yet to use the pattern.
  3. Make what I feel like: My general yarn-y output has gone down but it's summertime so to an extent I feel like it's a natural progression.
  4. Spin 15 minutes a day: I may have missed a day or two in June but I mostly did this.
  5. Knit more handspun: Yup. The Aspyn hat was out of my Hobbledehoy handspun I made last year.
  6. Finish Superhero Sampler: Getting so close now. I'm down to my last 3 motifs.
  7. Taking care of my health: I did pretty well in June but I injured my right knee last Sunday and it's been slowing me down. Hopefully it will be better soon.
  8. Shop less: I don't think I bought anything in June. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts this week and I will likely buy a few items for fall/winter then, but I've been keeping my wardrobe additions pretty under control.
  9. Brush lettering: I think this is like dog training. it does improve but it happens so slowly that you don't always notice it.
  10. Doodling: I didn't do much of this in June. I've been busier overall and had less time but I'm hoping to dabble whenever I get a chance.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

ever evolving

We're very close now to July, which means that I am getting tremendously excited about switching both of my planners. I'll be moving from the mini Happy Planner as my everyday carry to this Plum Paper planner A5 daily. I customized it so that each daily page has all of the sections I use so that I will no longer have to frankenplan and switch back and forth between different layouts. I'll also be moving into my Erin Condren life planner neutral vertical that I've shown before.

I've become more interested lately in decorative planning with kits and it occurred to me that it would be more cost-effective to print and cut kits myself than to order them through the mail. I bought a Silhouette Cameo 3 from Amazon on sale at a great price. I've since discovered more of the benefits to printing your own kits--1) instant gratification. sometimes it can take over a month to receive your stickers in the mail and 2) being able to edit the kits so that i only print and cut the stickers i actually use. it's generally less wasteful and i don't end up with lots of leftover stickers i'm never going to utilize. i had a lot of fun last weekend playing around with the editing software and cutting my first stickers.

I bought 2 samplers of sticker paper, the regular matte and removable matte from online labels. I prefer the removable kind and when my samplers run out I will order a full pack of the removable paper. So far I have purchased from the following printable shops: Print Petticoat Bandit, Paper Crown Planner, and Ramona and Friends. I've also played around with printing my own script stickers, which I think will come in very handy. I download most of my fonts from

I do eventually want to buy a foiling machine but I think that will be a few months down the road once I'm more comfortable with the Silhouette. I'm really enjoying this new outlet for creativity and I can't wait until I can carve out some time to print and cut more stickers.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Vintage Circus

Vintage Circus

It took longer than anticipated, but this was a really enjoyable spin. The fiber is a Nest Fiber club braid from 2016. It's 100% targhee. I spun it as a fractal 2ply longdraw from the fold. I love how poofy and airy it is. I made an effort not to overply it and the skein is nice and soft. I got about 390yds/120g of a light sport weight.

Vintage Circus

If you're interested, this skein is available in the shop.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

keeping up with spinning

I haven't been great this year at spinning 15 minutes a day. I started off strong the first couple of months and then there was a big dropoff. However, I try to remind myself that I'm doing much better in 2019 than I did the previous year, when I only spun about 8 oz for the entire year. I finally finished this Nest targhee that was a club braid from 2016. I washed it but I haven't reskeined yet so I don't know how much yardage I have. This one will likely go in the shop because although I love the colors I'm accumulating too much handspun for the rate that I'm knitting it up.

My next project I'm pretty sure I will keep. I've been hoarding this Hello Yarn corriedale in Poisoned Apples from 2017. I love the colors so much and so far it's been a dream to spin. I'm spinning both braids as a 2ply fractal. I think I want to knit a shawl but I'll figure it out when I've finished the yarn. I've actually been spinning more the past week or so--I think these lovely braids and the fact that I want to knit with them are a big motivating factor.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

May Wrap-up and Goals

May seemed to go by really fast. I'm having a hard time remembering what I was able to finish.

Stash Check

  • Yarn Used: 1324 yds / 326 g
    Yarn Added: -459 yds / -100 g
    Difference: +1783 yds / 426 g
  • Fiber Used: 0 oz
    Fiber Added: 0 oz
    Difference: 0 oz
  • Fabric Used: 1 yd
    Fabric Added: 0 yds
    Difference: +1 yd


  • Leather Earrings
  • May socks
  • Baroque Cardi
  • Leopard Ogden Cami
  • Linen Skirt Refashion


  • Superhero X-stitch
  • Nest targhee
  • Giant Granny Blanket
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Disappearing 4-patch quilt
  • June socks


2019 goals

  1. Keep yarn/fiber/fabric additions to a minimum: I can't believe I've almost made it a 1/2 year without buying any new stash.
  2. Knit from previously purchased pattern: I finished 2 things: my May socks were from the book Sock Architecture, and the Baroque cardigan was from Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker.
  3. Make what I feel like: I must have done a good job with this because looking back my projects were all over the place this month.
  4. Spin 15 minutes a day: Sadly, no. but I am working on it fairly consistently (about 3-4 times per week).
  5. Knit more handspun: Nope.
  6. Finish Superhero Sampler: I'm so happy with my progress. I only have 5 motifs left.
  7. Taking care of my health: Well I thought I was doing well, but I ended up hurting my back in late May and I'm still recovering from that. I think that sewing/quilting for long periods is really hard on my back so I'm setting a timer and making myself quit after 20 minutes.
  8. Shop less: I bought a few items to refresh my spring/summer wardrobe, but I have also sewn or refashioned a few pieces so I bought less than I could have.
  9. Brush lettering: Still working on it but I'm pretty discouraged. I don't ever seem to get any better at it no matter how much I practice.
  10. Doodling: I ran out of prompts to follow so I haven't quite known what to work on but I am still dabbling a little bit each work day.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fun with paper pads

I watch a lot of planning videos on youtube. One of my favorite channels is STICKWITHMEshop. She does a ton of more creative Plan with Me videos using a variety of planning tools. To be honest it does get a little boring sometimes to watch people plan with kits. The formats are very similar and it all kind of ends up looking the same. This particular planner turned me onto the idea of using scrapbook paper pads and a Happy Planner box punch to make my own full boxes for decorating.

I've mentioned it before, but I'm not overly fond of inspirational quotes and they can be unavoidable with Happy Planner stickers and kits. Using paper pads enables me to just have pretty printed boxes without the stupid quotes. I've mostly purchased from my local Joanns or Michaels and you can find some really good bargains. I've purchased 12x12 paper pads on clearance for $1. and I don't just use them in my weekly planning but I've also cut them to size and pasted them over my monthly dividers or dashboards when I don't like the existing tabs.

For this spread I used a smaller paper pad from Michaels with a Paris theme. I love the colors and my favorite part was probably making my own double box. The only negatives I've found with this method are 1) the paper is often cardstock or heavier paper, which makes the spreads thicker and 2) it can be time consuming to cut the paper to size, though the box punch is a big time-saver.

I've purchased several paper pads and I look forward to using them more in my spreads. Sometimes it can be hard to remember I have them if I'm using primarily stickers and not making a scrapbook-focused spread like this one, but hopefully they will pop up in more of my planning in the future.

This post uses referral/affiliate links. I may receive a small credit or commission if you make a purchase using the links.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My fourth Ogden Cami

I don't know why but when warmer temps roll around I get the urge to sew clothing again. I decided to start small with a pattern I've used before in order to give me the least amount of stress possible. I chose the True Bias Ogden Cami and some leopard poly crepe I bought from Blackbird Fabrics during their Black Friday sale last year.

I finally managed to get the fit right on my fourth try. I cut a size 0 for the front and a size 2 for the back in order to accommodate my broad back. My earliest versions were tight under the arms and my third version in size 2 was too loose. I was worried that the fabric would be tricky to sew but it was actually pretty stable and easy to work with. I used a 70/10 Schmetz needle and gutermann poly thread.

Technique-wise the only thing different I did was to use a baby hem because I have never once gotten my rolled hem foot to work properly and trying to do a hand-rolled hem is a huge pain in the ass. It worked pretty well though the hem is slightly wavy in parts. fortunately the print is very forgiving so I don't think you can tell. Because this was my first garment in awhile I cut myself some slack and wasn't aiming for perfection.

I am glad to have a fun new tank for summer and animal print is everywhere right now so it's great to have a wardrobe refresh. I am still doing pretty well with containing the size of my wardrobe but I do like to add a small number of pieces for the season. So far I have sewed this cami and made 2 pairs of leather earrings. I've also purchased one pair of rose gold studs, a pair of white skinny jeans, a white jean skirt, and a striped tee. I have a crochet lace cardigan in progress and would like to sew one more shirt and a dress. For me, I think that containing the number of pieces I want to make per season to just a few is a much better recipe for success than trying to sew a whole new wardrobe all at once.


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