A velvety soft shirt jacket for fall


I'm very much in need for layering pieces like jackets and cardigans for fall. I took the plunge and sewed up a new shirt jacket (or "shacket," though I hate that word) using Simplicity 9388.

Pattern Description

Simplicity Sewing Pattern Unisex Shirt Jackets: front jackets with yoke, front patch pockets and side seam pockets. Long sleeves, button cuffs with pleats. Back yoke with pleat. Lined yokes and sleeves.

Sizing & Fit

Sizes: XXS-XXL

I made the size XXS in View C, the cropped length. I shortened the sleeves 2.25". The jacket has a good amount of ease without being too baggy on me in this size. I do think the sleeves are very oversized and ideally I would probably prefer a little less ease in that area. It is nice for layering though over a top with a puffier sleeve, so I can't complain too much.

I was surprised by how short the cropped version is. I think it's perfect for my short frame, but be advised that I think a lot of people might prefer it to be an inch or two longer.


My fabric is a 100% cotton corduroy from Blackbird Fabrics. I bought this fabric in last year's Black Friday sale and this was my first time using it. I cannot adequately describe how soft and plush it is. It's almost feels like velvet. It is such a wonderful fabric and I am seriously contemplating going back to buy more colors. I would describe it as a medium weight--it's not overly heavy. For the lining I used a quilting cotton from my stash that has been around for years.

For notions I used SF-101 interfacing (Amazon affiliate link) and some tortoiseshell buttons I bought from Joann Fabrics.

Instructions & Construction Details

I thought the instructions on this jacket were pretty good. They use the burrito method for the yokes which I am only now just seeing in Big 4 patterns. They have you apply the button plackets last, which isn't my favorite finishing method but it worked ok.

I used more contrasting fabric than was called for--I used it on the undercollar because I was worried about the cord being too thick. I also added inseam pockets from another view but that was a bad idea on my part. The pockets as drafted were way too large for the cropped view--they hung below the jacket hem. So I had to cut them down so they would fit in the available space. And now the pockets are so small that they are basically useless. I can barely get my hand in them. If I were to do it over again I'd nix the inseam pockets and do welt pockets instead.

Would I Sew It Again?

I love my new jacket. Because it's so cropped it really reminds me of jean jacket styling but it was easier and quicker to construct. I love the look and I think it'll be a great casual layering piece for fall and winter.

I'm not opposed to sewing another version of this pattern, perhaps in one of the longer views, but because I have so many patterns for shirt jackets I don't think I'll revisit this one right away. If you're interested in sewing it though I definitely recommend the pattern.

Styled with True Bias Nikko, Topshop jeans, Madewell boots, and Polene bag


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