Feels good to be Wanted...Tee.

A few years ago everyone was sewing the Vanessa Pouzet Wanted Tee. I loved the look of the square neck top but the instructions are only in French and at the time I just wasn't ready to tackle it. The company had a flash sale a few weeks ago so I took advantage of it and purchased the pattern.

Pattern Description

The wanted t-shirt will nicely highlight any neckline. A basic that does not go unnoticed with its delicate and feminine line. Timeless, you can mix it with all the pieces of your dressing room whatever the season. Variable sleeve length: short, retro, 3/4 or long. Model achievable with a simple sewing machine.

NEW - BONUS WANTED offered for a sleeveless version!!! 

♥♥♡ Motivated beginner / intermediate level. The square neckline requires precision, I advise you to train on a scrap of non-stretch fabric to better visualize the simple but essential technique for a perfect result.
Pattern 9 sizes  : from 32 to 48.

My measurements are 4'9" tall and C: 32" W: 27" and H: 35" 

I made a size 34 at the shoulders grading to a 36 at the chest. I carried the 36 all the way down through the hem.

Other alterations: I shortened the elbow length sleeves by 1/2" and the long sleeve by 2 1/2".


Technically I made 5 versions of this top, though only 2 were wearable. My first 2 versions used a cotton rib knit from Knitpop which has mechanical stretch only, no spandex. Because my fabric did not have elastane, the first version of the top turned out huge. For the second I used the same fabric and altered the pattern to make it smaller. The neckline was still very gapey. By this time I realized I had made a bad fabric choice.

My third version used a cotton/modal/spandex jersey from Stylemaker Fabrics. Unfortunately I used the pattern that I had altered for the rib knit, which resulted in a top that was way too small. I scrapped this version as well and reprinted the pattern.

The leopard version pictured is another Knitpop cotton/spandex jersey. It was perfect for the pattern. My last striped top with long sleeves used a rayon/spandex jersey from Threadbare Fabrics that I bought 5 years ago.

For notions I added 1/4" twill tape from Wawak to the shoulder seams.

Instructions & Construction Details

The neckline is the only tricky part. It was actually kind of handy that I had 3 tries at it before I made a successful top. I used this video from TomKat Stitchery to guide me on neckline insertion. Otherwise sewing this tee is a piece of cake. I definitely improved my neckline technique the more times that I practiced it.

Would I Sew It Again?

I really love the overall fit of the tee and the square neckline. I think it is worth putting in the effort to do the mitered corners, as it has such a clean look. I also purchased the add-on pack to make the top into a dress and I want to sew that version later this year. I am certain that I will revisit the top as well.

Styled with Madewell jeans (old), Polene Bari Bag, Oscar de la Renta belt (purchased secondhand), Target Clogs


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