Trying a pattern from Seamwork after avoiding them for 5 years


Styled with Topshop straight leg jeans (old) and Converse sneakers (Amazon affiliate link)

I first became aware of the company back in their Colette days. I tried a few patterns but I could never get them to fit my body shape, so I gave up and have avoided them ever since. I've seen a ton of ads for Seamwork on Instagram lately so I decided it was time to give them another try. I signed up for a one month trial for $1. It gave me access to download two patterns. I chose to make the Seamwork Elli.

Pattern Description

Often marketed as a smart alternative to your favorite T-shirt, a henley top adds a stylish layer to your fall wardrobe. Elli features a scoop neckline, a henley placket with buttons, and full-length sleeves. It works well for all your favorite knit fabrics—and bonus points if you find a particularly cozy waffle knit.

Sizing & Fit

Our Misses patterns are drafted for a C cup and our Curvy patterns are drafted for DD. Both are drafted for a height of 5'8" (172 cm).

SIZE RANGE: 0 – 26

My measurements are 4'9" tall and C: 32" W: 27" and H: 35" 

I made a size 0 at the shoulder/chest and graded to a size 2 at the waist, continuing that size down through the hem. I did not make any additional alterations for my first version.

I found the sleeve and body lengths to be just right for me. Overall I am pretty happy with the fit, but next time I would make a couple of changes.
  1. I would add a tiny amount of width to the sleeves as I found them a bit tight on the arms. Perhaps just 1/4" or so would be sufficient.
  2. I would shorten the length on both front and back from the shoulder to the chest, then add that length back below the chest to preserve the overall length. This is a common adjustment for me.


I used a cotton/spandex sweater rib knit from Knitpop. I had 2 yards and I used just over a yard for this make. I also used a scrap of knit interfacing (Amazon affiliate link) and some buttons from my stash.

The fabric is moderately thick. It's not heavy but it's thick enough that it gave me problems with the button plackets.

Instructions & Construction Details

I found the instructions to be adequate. This is a pretty simple sew apart from the placket, which can be a bit tricky.

As instructed, I interfaced the entire surface of the placket pieces but with the fabric I used it was very bulky and difficult to sew them to the top. I found it impossible to insert buttonholes. I tried several times and my machine would not sew a complete buttonhole. Eventually I gave up and stitched the buttons through the plackets so my placket is non-functional. I don't mind for this version but next time I would interface half the placket to make it less thick and also use a thinner fabric to sew the top.

Would I Sew It Again?

Yes, but in a thinner fabric. I really love the style of a henley top and this pattern fits me better than I was expecting. Hopefully the placket will be less of a pain to sew next time. I do recommend the pattern and I'm excited to try some other Seamwork patterns in the future.

What do you think? Have you sewn any Seamwork patterns? Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the company.


  1. What size cup are you? I got this one when I signed up for $1 too, but I’m an A cup. I don’t want to do a small bust adjustment, but also don’t want to toile, so 🤪

    1. I am also an A cup. In this particular pattern it didn’t really matter because the bust has negative ease


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