Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween

I'm not normally big on holidays and Halloween is no exception, but I fell in love with this pastel artwork and used it for my October cover and notes pages. This particular kit is from Print Petticoat Bandit. I absolutely love the way the pastels look with holographic foil. October will be my first month actually using the notes spread. In all previous months I had just taped those pages together.

I decided to give up my classic happy planner memory planner b/c it was just too many planners to keep up with. Also most of the time I don't take that many photos every week and I did not have a lot of interesting stuff to document. Instead I'm trying to condense the memory planning to this 2-page spread in my Erin Condren. The right hand page will be for tracking the movies/tv I watch and books/podcasts I listen to over the course of the month as well as tracking my goals. The left hand side will be for listing important happenings for the month and adding in a few pictures. I also migrated my monthly memory spread to the EC because I wasn't using my monthly for anything useful.

I decided I wasn't done with the Halloween artwork so I purchased a kit from Paper Crown Planner and added foil accents from Beayoutiful Planning and Print Petticoat Bandit to use for Halloween week. I am actually using the same kit in my Hobo Weeks as well. I bought some new sticker paper from amazon which I do NOT recommend. For starters it's very yellow and stands out noticeably against bright white (though it does blend pretty well with Hobo Weeks paper). it's glossy and the ink does not permanently dry if you run it through an inkjet printer only. If you foil it, the laser printer does dry the ink but it wrinkles the backing paper. on the plus side it does foil beautifully and you can write on it with gel pen even though it's glossy. i'll probably use it for foiled scripts and icon stickers and for foiled kits that are darker in color and use my regular removable matte paper for everything else.

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