Wednesday, October 23, 2019


well, i finished my Magnolia Cardigan. I had finished the knitting and blocked it by early October but I left it for several weeks before I snipped the ends and added patch pockets.

For the pockets I put the cardigan on and placed markers around my hand on one side to determine pocket placement and size. I then picked up stitches for the bottom row and knit back and forth, matching the stripe sequence on the sweater body. then I ran some waste yarn up the sides of the picked up stitches on the body so I could easily see where to seam. Then I seamed the sides of the pocket and did it all over again for the other side. This took longer than I wanted it to and I really should have made the placement slightly higher or made the pocket deeper but whatevs, it's close enough.

I did a sewn tubular bind-off for all of the edges which was a giant PITA. I am a glutton for punishment, i guess, because every time I do this I swear that it's the last time. and then I do it again on the next sweater. it does look nice but honestly it's one of those things that the average person would never notice.

oh yeah the process took so long that I forget my cardigan does not much resemble the original design. i started off using the pattern but after the switch to stockinette on the body i pretty much never looked at the pattern again.

I do think that this is a very wearable sweater and I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it. Did I need another grey cardigan? not really. but this one has a little bit of variation with the colorblocking and it's still neutral enough to go with most of my wardrobe.

I cannot decide what I want my next big project to be. I want to knit another sweater for my husband but I'm not sure I have enough yarn in the stash for a sweater his size in colors he would like. I might have to get creative.

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