Wednesday, September 18, 2019

trying something new

Let's face it, I'm never going to stop tinkering with my planning system. I had caught a sale awhile back and bought a kit from The Planner Society. I had so much fun using the kit to decorate my hobonichi mega weeks for September. I decided at the time that I was happy with the Weeks and my Chic Sparrow cover. I do love the compact size and how easy it is to carry around with me. So I bought another mega weeks for 2020 from jetpens.

Then I watched way too many planner videos on TN and rings setups and decided that I wanted even more decoration than the Weeks afforded. I had bought an A6 TN from The Planner Society just to try out the size. I decided to make a bunch of inserts and to carry it for one week to see if I liked it. I didn't buy anything special for this setup other than the TN itself. I used papers and printed digitals that I made or had on hand, and designed all of my own inserts.

I've only carried it for a few days but I'm loving it so far. It's just as light as the Weeks and fits in my small purses even easier. What I really like about this TN setup is the ability to use regular kit stickers and write at my normal size, as I designed all of my inserts with 1.5" columns. I always feel a little cramped in the Weeks, because I have to write smaller than feels natural.

I'm not ready to abandon the Weeks entirely. Because of my boredom I figure it's actually good to have multiple planning systems because I know I will want to switch every now and then. When I feel like going all out with the decoration I can use an A6 and when I have less time and want things to be more structured in advance I can go with the Weeks. I actually just purchased an Aura Estelle A6 rings hybrid planner that is just gorgeous. I'm hoping to get it set up for November in a Harry Potter theme.

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