Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WIP-it Wednesday

I'm still working on my Magnolia Cardi. I'm actually a bit further than the picture shows. Last night I spent way too much time doing a tubular bind-off on the bottom hem. It takes forever and you have to work with such a long tail when you are binding off that many stitches. I asked myself before starting if it was worth it because it is at the bottom of the sweater. But evidently I concluded the answer was yes so I slogged through it. and begrudgingly, it does look nice. now all i have to do is the front bands, the sleeves, and add pockets and i'll have a new cardigan for fall.

I'm also working on a new spinning project. I chose a braid of Wound Up Fiber Arts MCN that I've been hoarding. My last spin was a very time-consuming one so I am spinning these singles much thicker and I will do a 2-ply. This skein will likely be destined for the shop unless inspiration strikes.

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