Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Is it fall yet?

I really shouldn't complain because it hasn't been a bad summer. But I am so over it and ready for fall. Autumn is by far my most favorite season and sadly it seems to get shorter every year. *insert old lady voice* When I moved to western NY I swear fall started in early September and now it doesn't seem to hit until October.

At any rate because my knitting pace has slowed so much I decided to forego knitting socks this month and cast-on for a new cardigan instead. I bought the Magnolia Cardigan pattern back in 2017 but hadn't gotten around to casting on. I am using Miss Babs yarn that I bought at Fibre Space also in 2017, so you could say this project has been percolating for awhile. It feels really good to finally use the beautiful yarns that have been sitting in my stash and also the patterns that I've been hoarding.

If you want to know what I'm doing with the gradient, I'm aiming for colorblock stripes. I'm knitting from darkest to lightest. The gradient stripes are 20 rows or about 2.5" thick. Then I knit 4 rows of the MC then start the next gradient shade. I decided I wanted more of a distinct stripe effect rather than a smooth gradation of color. I'm planning to keep going until I get through the entire gradient and then do the bottom rib in the MC. If this ends up being a super long duster cardigan, I don't think I'll be mad about it. I will most likely omit the buttons. I never wear my cardigans buttoned anyway.

I have sweater fever at the moment with at least 2 more sweaters I want to knit for this upcoming winter. I'll be happy if I can finish just this one though. My husband has asked for a scarf so i should really cast-on for that as well.

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