Wednesday, July 10, 2019

June wrap-up and goals

We're already halfway through the year. i can hardly believe it.

Stash Check

  • Yarn Used: 1102 yds / 354 g
    Yarn Added: -268 yds / -66 g
    Difference: +834 yds / 288 g
  • Fiber Used: 12 oz
    Fiber Added: 0 oz
    Difference: +12 oz
  • Fabric Used: 0 yds
    Fabric Added: 0 yds
    Difference: -


  • June socks
  • Tied Knots
  • Aspyn Hat
  • Nest targhee
  • Hello Yarn Corriedale


  • Superhero X-stitch
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Lamby Convertible Mitts


2019 goals

  1. Keep yarn/fiber/fabric additions to a minimum: I still haven't bought anything. I've used over 4 pounds of yarn this year and almost 2 pounds of fiber.
  2. Knit from previously purchased pattern: Check! I had purchased the Aspyn hat in 2017 but I had yet to use the pattern.
  3. Make what I feel like: My general yarn-y output has gone down but it's summertime so to an extent I feel like it's a natural progression.
  4. Spin 15 minutes a day: I may have missed a day or two in June but I mostly did this.
  5. Knit more handspun: Yup. The Aspyn hat was out of my Hobbledehoy handspun I made last year.
  6. Finish Superhero Sampler: Getting so close now. I'm down to my last 3 motifs.
  7. Taking care of my health: I did pretty well in June but I injured my right knee last Sunday and it's been slowing me down. Hopefully it will be better soon.
  8. Shop less: I don't think I bought anything in June. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts this week and I will likely buy a few items for fall/winter then, but I've been keeping my wardrobe additions pretty under control.
  9. Brush lettering: I think this is like dog training. it does improve but it happens so slowly that you don't always notice it.
  10. Doodling: I didn't do much of this in June. I've been busier overall and had less time but I'm hoping to dabble whenever I get a chance.

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