Wednesday, June 26, 2019

ever evolving

We're very close now to July, which means that I am getting tremendously excited about switching both of my planners. I'll be moving from the mini Happy Planner as my everyday carry to this Plum Paper planner A5 daily. I customized it so that each daily page has all of the sections I use so that I will no longer have to frankenplan and switch back and forth between different layouts. I'll also be moving into my Erin Condren life planner neutral vertical that I've shown before.

I've become more interested lately in decorative planning with kits and it occurred to me that it would be more cost-effective to print and cut kits myself than to order them through the mail. I bought a Silhouette Cameo 3 from Amazon on sale at a great price. I've since discovered more of the benefits to printing your own kits--1) instant gratification. sometimes it can take over a month to receive your stickers in the mail and 2) being able to edit the kits so that i only print and cut the stickers i actually use. it's generally less wasteful and i don't end up with lots of leftover stickers i'm never going to utilize. i had a lot of fun last weekend playing around with the editing software and cutting my first stickers.

I bought 2 samplers of sticker paper, the regular matte and removable matte from online labels. I prefer the removable kind and when my samplers run out I will order a full pack of the removable paper. So far I have purchased from the following printable shops: Print Petticoat Bandit, Paper Crown Planner, and Ramona and Friends. I've also played around with printing my own script stickers, which I think will come in very handy. I download most of my fonts from

I do eventually want to buy a foiling machine but I think that will be a few months down the road once I'm more comfortable with the Silhouette. I'm really enjoying this new outlet for creativity and I can't wait until I can carve out some time to print and cut more stickers.

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