Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fun with paper pads

I watch a lot of planning videos on youtube. One of my favorite channels is STICKWITHMEshop. She does a ton of more creative Plan with Me videos using a variety of planning tools. To be honest it does get a little boring sometimes to watch people plan with kits. The formats are very similar and it all kind of ends up looking the same. This particular planner turned me onto the idea of using scrapbook paper pads and a Happy Planner box punch to make my own full boxes for decorating.

I've mentioned it before, but I'm not overly fond of inspirational quotes and they can be unavoidable with Happy Planner stickers and kits. Using paper pads enables me to just have pretty printed boxes without the stupid quotes. I've mostly purchased from my local Joanns or Michaels and you can find some really good bargains. I've purchased 12x12 paper pads on clearance for $1. and I don't just use them in my weekly planning but I've also cut them to size and pasted them over my monthly dividers or dashboards when I don't like the existing tabs.

For this spread I used a smaller paper pad from Michaels with a Paris theme. I love the colors and my favorite part was probably making my own double box. The only negatives I've found with this method are 1) the paper is often cardstock or heavier paper, which makes the spreads thicker and 2) it can be time consuming to cut the paper to size, though the box punch is a big time-saver.

I've purchased several paper pads and I look forward to using them more in my spreads. Sometimes it can be hard to remember I have them if I'm using primarily stickers and not making a scrapbook-focused spread like this one, but hopefully they will pop up in more of my planning in the future.

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