Friday, April 05, 2019

March 2019 Wrap-up and Goals

The first quarter of the year is over! Let's see what I accomplished in March. (Spoiler Alert: not a lot!)

Stash Check

  • Yarn Used: 717 yds / 166 g
    Yarn Added: 0 yds / 0 g
    Difference: +717 yds / 166 g
  • Fiber Used: 0 oz
    Fiber Added: 0 oz
    Difference: -
  • Fabric Used: 0 yds
    Fabric Added: 0 yds
    Difference: -


This is 2 months in a row with barely anything finished. I think I'm officially in a slump.


  • Superhero Cross Stitch Sampler
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Moonrover Minis
  • Wool and Honey Sweater
  • Crochet Granny Hexagon


2019 goals

  1. Keep yarn/fiber/fabric additions to a minimum: I made it through Q1 without buying any stash.
  2. Knit from previously purchased pattern: My March socks were from a pattern I had purchased a couple of years ago.
  3. Knit what I feel like: I did force myself to work on Wool and Honey for a few weeks when I really didn't want to. However, I abandoned it in April for something more exciting so there's that.
  4. Spin 15 minutes a day: Thumbs down. I spun maybe half the month or a little less.
  5. Knit more handspun: nope.
  6. Follow #sewmystyle: I'm going to remove this one from the list. I don't know when I'll feel like sewing garments again but I think it will be awhile.
  7. Complete my Make Nine/Take my time with sewing: Ditto with these goals. I'll resurrect them if they become applicable.
  8. Finish Superhero Sampler: I made good progress in March and am on track to finish before the end of 2019. For that reason I'm taking a break from it in April.
  9. Taking care of my health: Generally speaking, things are going well.
  10. Shop less: I feel like I've cut down on some of my more mindless purchases. I did buy one pair of jeans on a bit of an impulse but otherwise the month went ok.

For Q2 I'm actually adding a couple of new goals. First, I'd like to work on my brush lettering for about 15 minutes a day. I would also like to doodle on weekdays to try to improve my atrocious drawing skills.


  1. Good goal setting .I am learning how to knit top up socks and afterthought heel .So far living it .Another goal is for me to learn how to make my own bras. I hate paying what bras cost .

  2. Sorry .I meant to puputt toe up socks .



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