Friday, March 15, 2019

spinning in spurts

I mentioned in my February round-up that I had increased my spinning time to 20 minutes a day about halfway through the month. I did not think that 5 extra minutes would drag on me in the grand scheme of things but I was wrong. I've been very inconsistent this month with my spinning. I know it is psychological but for some reason, making myself sit down to spin for 20 minutes just "takes too much time" whereas with 15 it was easier to convince myself that it wasn't that big of a commitment and I should just do it. Or perhaps I would've experienced fatigue after 2+ months of consistent spinning regardless of what blocks of time I chose. At any rate, I've missed several days but I am still trying to make sure that I spin at least 3-4 days a week so that I don't give it up entirely for the remainder of the year.

Right now I'm working on some Moonrover Fiber that is truly gorgeous, so the fiber is not at fault for my slump. I decided to break the colors and spin 2ply miniskeins. When I'm done I want to do a stripey shawl of some kind, probably combining the minis with a solid skein. I do not need another striped shawl but the colors are just so pretty and I'm itching to knit with handspun again.

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