Wednesday, March 20, 2019

rainbows, chevrons, and a crochet distraction

March socks are coming along rather slowly. I just haven't felt as inspired to knit lately. The yarn is Must Stash Yarn Perfect Sock in the colorway Martian Rainbow. My skein was a slight variation of the original colorway as it's a bit more pastel, but I prefer this version. I'm knitting the Partying It UP and Getting DOWN Socks by Megan Williams, which btw I find an impossible name to remember. People keep asking me on Instagram what the pattern is and I have to look it up every time. anyway. For each of these socks I started out making rapid progress but as I get to about the halfway point, boredom sets in. I am doing a cut-in afterthought heel so I still need to add both heels. I'm not sure whether I want to keep these or give them to my niece, so I may actually wait to knit the heels until closer to the end of the year.

Since the socks weren't exciting me and I swear I knit and knit on Wool and Honey but it never gets any longer, I was looking for another project to work on over the weekend as a palette cleanser. I got out the granny hexagon blanket I started back in 2015. I believe I started this and a mitered square blanket around the same time. The mitered square blanket has been finished for awhile now but I quickly gave up on this one and set it aside.

There are more efficient ways to do this, but my method is to crochet motifs for one row then join as you go using knit picks stroll tweed. Then I crochet motifs for one column and attach with JAYGO. This keeps the blanket growing in both width and length at a similar rate. I believe if you joined an entire round at a time it would be a better use of the joining yarn but I find that I get bored of crocheting motifs and weaving in all those ends if I make more than a handful at a time. Picking up this project again reminded me of why I put it down in the first place. I don't know why but I just don't find it fun to work on. I do think it's very pretty though. I haven't touched it since the weekend but I'm hoping to add a row/column here or there. The problem with having started several scrap blankets a few years back is that I don't really need all these blankets but at least it uses up leftover yarns. Plus I suppose I can give them away if I ever finish one.

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