Friday, March 01, 2019

Hopping on the bandwagon

All along I've been resisting the idea of having more than 1 planner. I would prefer to keep everything in one book so that I don't have to duplicate information. But what finally pushed me over the edge was the weight of my classic Happy Planner. It's currently about 1.5 pounds and it would continue to get thicker with all of the printouts I keep inserting every week. I have chronic back issues and the HP is just too heavy to lug around in my purse everyday. So I broke down and bought a Hobonichi Mega Weeks from Jetpens.

I have to say I'm not thrilled about the way it arrived. It came very fast but I don't think it was packaged very well and the cover is a little bent plus the book doesn't lay flat on its own. I'm not sure if that's just the way the Mega Weeks is or if I got a defective one, but I can deal. I ordered a cover and pencil board but they haven't arrived yet.

Because of the weight issue I wanted to start using it right away, so I copied over my daily info to this week to get a feel for how to plan with the Mega Weeks. I definitely didn't get it quite right. I need to divide the space better to have enough room to write everything that I want to record. I kept decorating to a minimum and I'm pretty sure I always will because it's such a small planner. If I use too many stickers I won't have room to write anything. I tried using tiny bullet point stickers and even they took up too much space.

I bought the version with extra note pages because I need room to record my wellness data. I tried stamping the dates and it took an age to dry. I actually wasn't patient enough and I smudged the ink as you can see. The ink also bled through the paper so I don't think I'll be stamping much in this planner. The likelihood that I'll have the patience to wait for the ink to dry is pretty much nil.

Time will tell if I like using this planner. I think once I get a feel for how to divide the space for my needs that I'll enjoy using it. Certainly my purse was a lot lighter this morning, so that's a plus. I'll keep post-planning each week in the Happy Planner to scratch my decorative itch and keep all of my collections in there. This one will be strictly for practical use.

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