Friday, March 08, 2019

Dirigible Plums

I finished a second skein of handspun in February. I'm calling it Dirigible Plums. The fiber was dyed by Hello Yarn and it's an 80% targhee, 10% bamboo rayon, and 10% tussah silk blend.

I divided the fiber into thirds vertically. Two of the singles were spun end to end in the same direction and the third was spun end to end in the opposite direction. This was accidental--I meant to spin them all the same to make a "faux chain-ply." But I actually do like the way it turned out and I think it will knit up in a really interesting way, with mostly 2 plies of one color and 1 ply of a contrasting color to give it that marled look.

I used my Majacraft Rose to spin the singles and my Hansen Minispinner to ply. Using the minispinner just reminded me again of how I don't really like using an e-spinner. I should really get my act together and sell it one of these days.

I often have a few yards of leftover singles after finishing a skein. Usually I ply them up and then throw them in my scrap pile, but this time I decided to include a bonus mini with the main skein. Dirigible Plums is available for purchase in the shop. I'm also slowly listing more handspun that I've made in the past but never got around to putting up for sale.

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