Friday, March 22, 2019

a $5 experiment

So I'm still trying to find what the kids are calling "planner peace." I've changed my mind several times on what system I should use next year. I was at Michael's last weekend and decided to pick up this $5 Artist's Loft bullet journal. I figured at that price point I might as well, and if I like it I can get a nicer bullet journal for 2020.

I did not originally think I would like a bujo because I can't draw for shit and most of what is shared on youtube and instagram is way outside my abilities. However, the more that I've progressed with my planning the more that I've realized a standard weekly layout where all of the boxes are the same size just doesn't work for me because I usually have way less going on during the week and more that I want to record on weekends. A bullet journal (or any type of blank layout) is best because I can make the layout fit what's going on in my life instead of trying to do the reverse.

I bought the bujo specifically so that I could experiment with different types of layouts before using them in my classic Happy Planner. I also bought a journaling notebook from Joanns that comes with several blank dot grid sheets that I can insert in my HP. I'm actually planning to use the covers and dividers in that notebook for something else, but that's a post for another day. This first spread was created because I wanted to start simple but I don't really like how it turned out. I think my mind works better with vertical rather than horizontal layouts.

This one was much better. I liked that I was able to make Monday-Thursday smaller and the weekend larger without it looking awkward. I have a feeling that I'm constantly going to be trying different layouts. It's just in my nature to keep learning and experimenting with new things. I've knit probably 200-ish pairs of socks over 15+ years but I'm still open to learning new construction techniques, and I see this going the same way.

I think my method for the bujo is going to be to create a layout and jot down the major things going on during the week using just pens and markers, then to recreate it in my HP using stickers/washi/etc at the end of the week. I'm still trying to stick out 2019 in the happy planner and then start fresh next year with a bullet journal, in the hopes that i'll know what works by then and can use only one planner. At least for now that's the idea.

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