Friday, February 15, 2019

Winter Handmade Capsule Week 5 and Wrap-up


So this is it! I'm quitting early and it feels fantastic. Lumberjack me up there is thrilled.

I have not been enjoying the capsule this time around so I decided to cut my losses and just end it after today. I touched on the reasons I wasn't liking it last week and to that I'll add a few more thoughts.

When I started trying capsules a couple of years ago it was because I had a clothes shopping problem. I kept buying more clothes and feeling like I had nothing to wear. Doing a capsule for a month or ten days or whatever helped me to get ideas on how to get more out of the clothing I already own. I combined pieces in different ways and the act of limiting my wardrobe helped me to recognize that nobody besides me notices or cares what I wear and that I'm not getting judged if I wear the same pair of pants two weeks (or even two days) in a row.

But this time around I had figured all of that out already. And in 2019 so far I haven't purchased a single item of RTW clothing and have added only a handful of me-mades. I feel like my closet is in a pretty good place and I'm still regularly purging pieces that don't make sense anymore. The value this time around was supposed to come from trying out an all-handmade wardrobe. I guess I was trying to judge if I could be that person who only wears me-mades.

And the answer is, of course I could if that is what I had available. If I had a cohesive me-made wardrobe where everything went together, it wouldn't be any different from a regular capsule. But I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. My pieces didn't all flow together easily and I was trying to make them work when they really didn't. and so I hated getting dressed in the morning. I could always think of better outfits than the one I was currently wearing if I allowed myself to incorporate my other clothes.

That's why I've decided to quit after a month. I feel like I really gave it a chance and it's time to stop when I'm not having fun and there's nothing more I can learn. This isn't the only reason but I also think that I stopped sewing partly because this challenge was a real drag and made me not want to make new things when I couldn't wear them for awhile.

At this point I don't think I will be doing any more capsule challenges. Unless I feel myself sliding back into old habits and acquiring too much stuff I don't think it's necessary. I feel very free at the prospect of waking up tomorrow and being able to wear whatever I want. I can store my capsule items away for a little while until I feel like wearing them again. Like I've said in the past I don't regret doing the challenge because I did learn something new this time: that I don't need to do capsules anymore. It sounds a little silly, but hey--that's valuable information too.

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