Friday, February 08, 2019

Winter Handmade Capsule Observations Week 4


This week's favorite outfit is comfy weekend wear. Maybe not the most stylish, but warm.

This week I've finally worn everything in my wardrobe. The last holdout was the black sweater blazer that collects pet hair like nobody's business. At the end of the challenge I will probably just purge that one from my wardrobe and plan to sew another in a different fabric someday.

I'm beginning to seriously debate ending the challenge early. I'm just not feeling very inspired this time around and trying to find an outfit is a struggle every day. I even have started to question whether doing all handmade is actually limiting my creativity because I can think of several pieces that I haven't worn much because they don't fit in my capsule very well but would actually be worn more frequently with other options.

To go into a bit more detail: my general outfit formula is to wear one more fitted item and one looser one, so high-waisted skinny jeans with a boxy cropped tee or wide leg pants with a fitted tee and tailored jacket, etc. But most of my capsule consists of looser-fitting and boxy items, and my options are even limited with leggings because I don't want to wear cropped shirts with them. I think this is why I've felt so frumpy over the course of the month. I really haven't had that many standout outfits where I felt good about my appearance so at some point I have to ask myself why I'm doing this. I think I will try to make it through one more week, as I will have completed an entire month by that point. Then I can start wearing whatever the fuck I want.

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