Friday, February 01, 2019

Winter Handmade Capsule Observations Week 3


So real talk: I'm already getting bored with this challenge. I knew that it would happen eventually, and evidently Week 3 is eventually. A large factor is that it's just been so cold. I wish that I had a down-filled jumpsuit because I would wear it every day and just embrace my inner Michelin Man but sadly I do not have one so I'm doing the best I can. I've also technically been "cheating" on my capsule because when I get home I immediately change into a comfy sweatshirt and joggers. I knew I should have put a pair of joggers in my wardrobe so that was an oversight on my part, and although I do have the Brunswick pullover, I really needed a non-cropped sweatshirt as well that is warmer. So those are a few lessons I've learned.

I also just miss wearing my dark wash skinny jeans. It made no sense to make a pair for the challenge because I own probably 4-5 pairs of RTW that are in good shape but it is a closet staple that I wish I had access to. I also wish I had more fitted woven jackets but I pretty much knew that was going to happen as well. At this point I plan to keep powering through with the challenge because although I always complain about it for the duration (sorry about that, dear readers) at the end I am generally glad I did it because I do learn from it.

My favorite outfit this week includes my wool mini again. I don't wear a lot of skirts or dresses generally but this one just really fits my style. It's comfortable and simple, yet polished enough for my work environment. Plus it fits really well. That is one of the rewarding aspects of handmade. I have a terrible time finding RTW skirts because generally they're way too long but this one is just right.

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