Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Personal Sock Club #2

I am making a concentrated effort to knit fewer socks this year than in the past. Typically I've averaged 2-3 pairs per month and in 2019 I'm only knitting 1 pair a month. It frees up my time to work on other things and keeps my exploding sock drawer from expanding. I'm also intending to knit more socks as gifts and only keep a few pairs this year for myself. February socks were knit out of Cakewalk Yarns in the Brooklyn colorway. I was lucky to obtain 2 skeins from destashes as I missed the boat on the dyer's yarn while it was popular. The base yarn has a wonderful tight twist and I love how the speckles knit up. I used a bit of Regia for the heels and toes. These socks are for my husband and using a tougher yarn for the high-wear areas is a necessity for him since he is very hard on socks. It also enabled me to knit the leg longer than normal.

I used DPNS for a change of pace and knit them cuff down, one at a time. I didn't try any new techniques for this vanilla pair so I think next month I will knit socks from a pattern just to mix it up.

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