Friday, February 22, 2019

Making it up as I go

It seems like every week I make new inserts for my planner. Instead of living with things that I don't like for a year, I prefer to create my own layouts in Illustrator and replace the already existing structure. The disc-bound system makes it so easy to change things so why not?

I tried out no white-space planning and did not like how it turned out. I realized that I prefer the look of more space in between the columns, similar to Erin Condren or Recollections planners. So I whipped up a new layout for myself that I will try for next week. I also added a light grid in the columns because I suck at writing in a straight line and lining up my stickers without it. I'm hoping that this new layout will give some breathing space so that it doesn't look like wall-to-wall stickers, which is what I hated about this past weeks' layout.

I've also been creating extra pages including this year-long mood tracker. I made a daily layout with more space to write my day-to-day plans and then I'm post-planning the weekly spreads as more of a memory-keeping spread, including only things I might need to reference later. I had originally wrestled with the idea of switching to a different planner but I've already bought into the HP ecosystem and I don't like the idea of having 2 different books for 2019. So modifying and tweaking my own layouts is making the system work for me without having to buy a different planner. It's almost like having a bullet journal but without having to create all of the layouts analog-style, which would take way too much time. I also can't draw for shit so I'm sure it would look bad.

Right now I'm thinking for next year I will buy a set of discs and some blank covers and just create my entire planner from scratch so that I can avoid all the things I don't like about the Happy Planner but retain the flexibility of the disc-bound system. It sounds like a lot of work but really isn't that much compared with doing everything by hand like a bujo. As long as I get to keep playing with stickers and washi tape (ok, and keep myself organized too) I'll be happy.

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