Wednesday, February 06, 2019

January 2019 wrap-up and goals

I'm trying to be better about doing a monthly check-in with my goals rather than just leaving it to the end of the year. We'll see how long I can keep it up--if the past is any indication it'll be crickets by March. Onwards!

Stash Check

  • Yarn Used: 1839 yds / 538 g
    Yarn Added: -135 yds / -116 g
    Difference: +1704 yds / 422 g
  • Fiber Used: 4 oz
    Fiber Added: 0 oz
    Difference: +4 oz
  • Fabric Used: 6 yds
    Fabric Added: 0 yds
    Difference: +6 yds


The takeaway? I need to blog more frequently. I didn't cover any of my finished knits this month.


  • Superhero Cross Stitch Sampler
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Fatcatknits SW Merino/Sparkle Boogaloo
  • Wool and Honey Swatch
  • February Socks


2019 goals

  1. Keep yarn/fiber/fabric additions to a minimum: I haven't bought any non-planner crafty stash this year.
  2. Knit from previously purchased pattern: Sizzle Pop shawl = check!
  3. Knit what I feel like: I didn't feel stressed about any of my projects this month.
  4. Spin 15 minutes a day: I started doing this one January 2, but have otherwise kept up
  5. Knit more handspun: Handspun convertible mitts out of just finished yarn = check!
  6. Follow #sewmystyle: Yep. I made a pair of leggings.
  7. Complete my Make Nine: I've sewn 7 out of 9 so far, and all of them were actually done in 2018. But whatever. It was better that I sewed while I was inspired to do so rather than waiting until now when I don't feel like sewing at all. I still want to finish the last 2 things, just not right now.
  8. Sewing a season ahead: So I did that with my floral wrap skirt, but I learned that I hate doing it. I'll probably remove this goal for future months.
  9. Take my time with sewing: Sure. A lot of that is because I'm fatigued with sewing but you can't say I haven't taken my time.
  10. Finish Superhero Sampler: working on it
  11. Taking care of my health: I'm definitely making positive strides.
  12. Shop less: Eh, not really. I haven't bought any RTW clothing so there's that. I did spend a shit-ton of money on planning stuff but that's what happens when you start a new hobby. At least, that's what happens when I start a new hobby. YMMV.

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