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Winter Handmade Capsule: Intro


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I have experimented with capsule wardrobes for a few years now. I don't think that I will ever convert to doing capsules year round because I tend to get sick of the clothes after awhile. However I do enjoy trying it on occasion because I feel like I learn something new every time. Ever since trying the capsule concept I have dreamed of having an all-handmade capsule.

I had an extended break over the holidays and I managed to sew all of the pieces I felt had been missing to make a winter capsule functional. I actually sewed 10 garments over about a week and a half. I was pretty pleased with myself and am excited to wear all of my new items. So this week I will introduce the capsule and then going forward I'll create weekly summary posts. I will also post daily photos to my Instagram stories so you can follow me @knottygnome if you're interested.

For the remainder of the week I'll try to briefly write about each garment if I haven't shared it on the blog before since so many things are new.

I am planning to wear this capsule for 45 days, from January 15-February 28. I chose this time period because in the past I felt like 30 days was too short to really explore the capsule potential in-depth and two months is too long because the season will start changing and I'm sure I'll get bored by the end.

I will pay particular attention as to how quickly I get tired of doing the challenge compared to the past. I am curious because I do really enjoy wearing handmade and I have a lot of new pieces that have never been worn at this point.

Rules and Guidelines

Obviously this kind of challenge is personal and what works for me may not work for other people. I've come up with these guidelines because they suit my lifestyle and the avenues I want to explore for myself. YMMV.

  1. My wardrobe consists of 38 pieces. All are handmade except for the shoes.
    • This capsule is slightly bigger than normal but I find that I need a lot of pieces in the winter because I tend to do a lot of layering. I also wanted to be versatile in terms of weather changes because although right now it's unseasonably warm, at any moment this time of year it can drop to single digit temps and I need to stay warm.
  2. My capsule consists of tops, bottoms, outer layers, a dress, and shoes. I'll be detailing one category a day for the remainder of this week.
    • I do not count coats or snow boots as part of the capsule, mainly because I haven't made any coats yet and obviously it's a necessity this time of year. I also generally do not consider my coat as part of my outfit because I don't wear it most of the day.
    • I also do not count layering pieces like thermal tops or leggings/tights that are worn strictly for warmth and aren't visibly part of the outfit.
    • I do not count accessories as part of my capsule so I can interchange those freely. However because I'm doing something special this year with going handmade I will try as much as possible to wear mostly handmade accessories.
  3. For 45 days I have to wear only these pieces. I tried to choose a wide range of items, from casual loungewear to work-appropriate to evening out-friendly.
    • A few things do not count: underwear, sleepwear, and actual workout gear (for exercising/yoga not lounging around the house).
  4. I will be using the app Cladwell to choose outfits. Cladwell is actually focused specifically on capsule wardrobes so they have some nice organizing tools and outfit suggestions that I will be making use of. I may take screenshots from the app in addition to ootd photos to showcase my outfits. NOTE: This is not sponsored. The app is free and I'm using it basically like any normal person would except that all of my stuff is me-made.

So that's pretty much it. I'm so excited to get started and I'll be back tomorrow to talk tops.

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