Friday, January 18, 2019

Winter Handmade Capsule 2019: Week 1

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I have to say, the capsule hasn't gotten off to a great start. The first day I was planning to wear my white jeans but when I put them on in the morning, the bottom button popped off. I guess I can be thankful that it popped off while I was at home and not after I got to work. I ended up having to replace all but one of the buttons on that pair of jeans. I'm now thinking I bought crappy tack buttons because I didn't have the same trouble with my other pairs.

I also took a cashmere comb to my Emerson cardigan last weekend, and while it did help it doesn't look like new or anything and after wearing it for a day I swear the pills just keep coming back. So if any of you have been tempted to make a sweater out of Woolfolk Far (and believe me if you feel it you will be tempted) just don't do it. I knit a hat out of it 2 years ago that has held up beautifully but it's just not a great yarn for sweaters and it's expensive as hell. Learn from my mistake and save yourself some time and money.

Overall, I can't quite put my finger on why but I'm just not feeling that excited about the challenge. I'm having a hard time coming up with outfit combos that work. The weather has also been pretty cold and it's supposed to get worse so that might be part of the problem. I really just want to wear my PJs all the time so it's hard to drum up excitement about getting dressed in the morning at all. Sorry to be such a downer but this is my honest assessment.


To finish on a more positive note, my favorite outfit of the week was a good one. With wool tights this combo was plenty warm enough and I always love wearing this sweater. Hopefully next week will be better.

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