Friday, January 11, 2019

Winter Handmade Capsule 2019: Dresses and Shoes

We've made it to the end! Today's post is all about the dress I sewed and my shoes.

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Colorblock Sweatshirt Dress: I put this Butterick 6388 dress on my Make Nine and I originally intended to sew it out of some off-white french terry that I bought from Denver Fabrics. I don't wear dresses very often especially in the winter so I wanted my dress to be as warm and comfy as PJs. The french terry I was using was very lightweight, almost more of a t-shirt material than sweatshirt but I ignored the nagging feeling in the back of my brain that said this wasn't going to work. I also ignored the many reviews of this pattern that advise skipping the pockets because they lay oddly against the body. Surely my dress wouldn't suffer the same fate. And after sewing up the dress, the collar was way too floppy and the pockets pooched out in a weird way and I could not get them to lay flat. I even tried handstitching the pocket bags to the dress but because the fabric was so thin you could see the outlines of the pockets on the outsides and it just looked like I had bulbous flappy shapes right across my midsection--perhaps not the best look. plus the pocket openings still stuck out in an unattractive way. so i put some thought into how i might salvage the dress--whether i should rip out all my serged seams and remove the pockets, but that would still leave the floppy collar. i also thought about hacking it off to make it a top but i'd still have to rip out the collar and replace it. in the end i just chucked it in the garbage. not every sewing project will be a success. The fabric was pretty inexpensive so I don't feel that bad about it.

I started again with this sweatshirt fleece and quilted sweater knit from Emma One Sock. The first attempt had made me very familiar with how the pieces go together so my second try went very smoothly. I topstitched almost all of the seams as a sporty decorative feature. I don't know if it's because of the topstitching or just because my fabric was so much thicker but this version is shorter than the first on both the bottom and sleeve hems. I'd say it skirts the line of being too short but i plan to always wear this with tights or leggings so in the end i just did a regular 5/8" hem on my coverstitch and called it a day.


Obviously I did not make any of my shoes so this will just be a quick rundown. I chose 9 pairs, which may actually be more than I need, but I have found in the past that I get sick of wearing a smaller number of shoes after awhile.


Brown Chelsea Ankle Boots: This is my newest pair of shoes. I bought them from Nisolo during their Black Friday sale. I took a long time to decide if I needed a pair of shoes like this and I'm so happy I bought them. They are comfortable and go with pretty much everything.


Grey Suede Ankle Boots: These have been a workhorse for me for several years. I always wear them a ton during the winter.


Taupe Knee-high Boots: I own 3 pairs of tall boots but for the capsule I chose just one. I find that I'm wearing taller boots less because I've been exploring wider pant styles and you can really only wear these with skinny pants, leggings, or short skirts/dresses. These are flat so they're pretty comfy and I think I'll wear them consistently.


Black Sneakers: I almost always wear sneakers on the weekends. These are my most comfortable and well-worn pair.


Cream Sneakers: These don't get worn quite as much but still pretty often.


Red Sneakers: I threw these in at the last-minute as more of a wild card in case I get tired of the others.


Black Mules: I concede that these look silly but they are a way for me to wear flats during the winter without my feet freezing.


Leopard Mules: These are actually a neutral for me. I wear them all the time when I want to spice up a slightly boring outfit.


Nude Block Heels: And finally, another throw-in. I decided I needed a more slightly formal option. To be honest they aren't the most comfortable shoes so I might only wear them once or twice.

So that is everything! My 38-piece handmade capsule. I'll be posting daily outfit photos to my Instagram stories so follow me @knottygnome if you're interested. I will be posting weekly round-ups during the challenge on Fridays. I haven't decided yet what the content will be but I'm aiming towards just posting my favorite outfit of the week in addition to my notes on how things are going. Have you ever thought about doing an all-handmade capsule wardrobe? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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