Monday, December 10, 2018

Make Nine 2019

I know I've been away for an extraordinarily long time again. For awhile I needed a social media break--I think we've all been there at some point--and I was out of town and/or dealing with some injuries for awhile. And when you don't keep up with posting projects they can get away from you. The thought of having to catch up on all the stuff I haven't blogged about yet just got exhausting so I've decided not to try.

Instead, I'm posting about some plans for 2019 that I will inevitably be terrible at actually doing. I've never posted a Make Nine before because I knew I'd be bad at it, but this year I'm giving it a try. I bought a bunch of patterns and fabric during Black Friday sales in the hopes that I would stock up on supplies for makes now and then have a buying freeze for a good portion of 2019. So the Make Nine concept kind of goes along with what I've been preparing for anyway.

By the way before I get into the details, all of my plans are sewing projects because I have so many knitted garments and accessories I really don't need to make anything. I pretty much always knit so I've decided to just work on whatever I feel like next year without putting any pressure on myself to produce any particular thing. I only have 2 yarn-related goals: 1) I am putting a buying freeze on yarn and fiber for 2019 as well and I'd love to make a significant dent in the stash and 2) I'd really like to knit one project a month from a pattern I've purchased in the past but not used. I have bought so many PDFs, books, and magazines over the years and at some point I really did want to make those things. It would be nice to actually use some stash patterns rather than getting distracted by the newest shiniest thing.

Onto my Make Nine: I would really like to have an all handmade capsule wardrobe for one month. I've been trying for awhile to put one together for the winter season. My original goal was January but now I'm thinking that I might not be ready until February because I am engaging more in slow sewing to try to improve the quality of my makes. Most of my Make Nine is for that winter capsule but I added a few others that I'd like to complete throughout the year as well.



From top to bottom, left to right:

    Row 1

  1. Butterick 6388, View A in grey Wubby Fleece: I picked up this pattern on impulse on my last trip to Joann's. I really like this wardrobe pattern and I'd like to make all of the garments eventually but for now I've put 2 of them on my list. I bought this double-sided faux sherpa from Joann's around Thanksgiving. I bought the remainder of the bolt for a coatigan but I don't quite have enough fabric for the pattern I chose. I decided this vest would be a great layering piece for winter. I bought the same fabric in pink on that trip and made a cropped sweatshirt from it that I absolutely adore. It's so warm and cozy and I'm sure the vest will be the same.
  2. New Look 6561 in red/black buffalo plaid cotton flannel: I heart me some buffalo plaid. Until recently I had a red buffalo plaid shirt but I got rid of it because it was too big for me. I have had 3 yards of this fabric in my stash for at least 10 years so it's about time I finally used it. I am going to make View A with the shirttail hem and tie sleeves but I will shorten it to be a regular shirt length instead of tunic length. I will also leave out the pockets. This drop shoulder shirt is exactly the relaxed fit I'm looking for. Here's hoping that I pick the right size so that I won't be swimming in it and that my plaid matching is up to par.
  3. Burda 6367 in white bamboo jersey: Sorry, the pattern photo is horrendous for this one. It's just a crew neck drop shoulder long sleeve tee. Despite owning approximately 80 t-shirt patterns I could not find one that is still fairly fitted with just a slight drop shoulder. I've been wanting more layering tees for winter that are a closer fit to the body without being too clingy. This pattern looks just right. I bought a length of bamboo jersey from D&H fabrics during their Black Friday sale. It's very soft and will be perfect for a layering tee. Somehow I do not own a plain long-sleeve white tee right now so this one is high on my list.
  4. Row 2

  5. Hey June Handmade Brunswick Pullover in olive eco sweatshirt fleece: I love wearing pullover hoodies but I've somehow never made one. I want to do the hoodie view but with the kangaroo pocket from the cowl-neck view instead of the button placket and zippered sleeve pocket. This is pretty much the perfect loungewear piece and olive will go with everything.
  6. McCall's 7381 in black floral rayon challis: I saw a version of this dress made up on YouTube and it's so sweet. I want to do View B with the longer sleeves but possibly with the tie front from Views C/D. For years now I have wanted a nostalgic 90s babydoll-type dress in a small-scale black floral print and I will make my dress above the knee to mimic that silhouette. I think this style will be really versatile and can be worn in 3 seasons. If I get it done in time for winter I'm picturing wearing it with tights, layering on a cardigan over top and wearing knee-high or ankle boots.
  7. Butterick 6388, View D in cream french terry: I'm planning to make the sweater dress view out of some lightweight french terry I bought from Denver Fabrics. I only have 1.5 yards so I might have to do the shorter sleeve version but if that's the case I can layer a tee underneath for more warmth. I have also been wanting a cozy sweater dress for a very long time that will be as comfy as wearing PJs but still acceptable in public. I saw a version of this on a podcast and I love the little details like the wraparound collar and rounded back yoke.
  8. Row 3

  9. Alina Design Co. Fulton Sweater Blazer in boiled wool/viscose in winter white: I have a JCrew sweater blazer almost exactly like this and I love wearing it so I had to buy the pattern as soon as it came out. I picked up the fabric from Blackbird Fabrics and went ahead and prewashed and dried it in the dryer. Tumble drying really brought out the texture and it's almost like a boucle now. I'm hoping to do the longer length for a more dramatic look but it depends on how much my fabric has shrunk.
  10. Thread Theory Jutland Pants in tan bull denim: Thread Theory had a 50% off Black Friday sale so it was fated for me to pick this pattern up. My husband has been asking for work pants with reinforced knees and strong pockets so this should be perfect. I bought a ton of bull denim from awhile back specifically for his pants so now I have no excuses not to sew them. I admit I put these on the list to try to guilt myself into actually making them. What can I say, I'm a selfish sewist.
  11. Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans, View B in white cone mills stretch denim: I am just now realizing that a lot of my Make Nine is white or cream. call it a consequence of having tons of black/navy/grey in my closet and very few light neutrals. anyway. These are more likely to be sewn for spring/summer as I find it hard to wear white pants around here during winter because of the snow and salt. I own a pair of white skinny jeans but the fit is terrible. They were the first pair of jeans on my list to be replaced with a handmade version. I have enough stretch denim in the stash right now to make approximately 10 pairs of jeans but you have to start somewhere. I actually chose the white denim as my first Ginger Jeans because the fabric is not a true white like I thought but more of a natural undyed color so I won't be too sad if they end up an unwearable failure. I kind of want to do an exposed button fly on these but we'll see. I have the pattern prepped and ready to go though I have never made Ginger Jeans. I will definitely do the high-rise version with skinny legs.

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  1. Your plans look great! I'm interested in the Brunswick hoodie too and plan on making the Ginger jeans soon :)



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