Friday, October 05, 2018

Winter Sewing Plans

I had a very productive sewing month in September, but I operated how I usually do, ie. sewing what I feel like without giving much thought to how things fit into my wardrobe. I wanted to be a bit more mindful this time around and choose projects for the next couple of months in a more cohesive fashion. I've been inspired lately by seeing others sew collections and although I'm not quite going that route, it has definitely influenced my winter sewing plans.


To begin, I am currently obsessed with knitting this sweater. I bought the Strange Brew ebook from tincanknits and immediately cast-on Cartography. I repurposed the yarn I was going to use for another Topshop recreation. I do still like the original sweater but a plain stockinette pullover seems a little dull to knit and the main thing I loved about the original was the colors.

Eventually I'll write a more in-depth post about this sweater but the main takeaway for now is that I was inspired by these colors to create the palette for my winter capsule wardrobe. My theme colors are white, navy, mustard, mauve, olive and grey, with a bit of tobacco brown and hunter green thrown in. I went through my wardrobe and chose pieces that fit this theme and then thought about what I still need that I don't currently already have. I chose 5 projects to sew (plus one additional item I'll talk about at the end).

Winter Capsule Palette 2018

Oddly enough, every piece is a woven garment. Right now my sewing machine is being serviced and I've been without it for a couple of weeks (with another week still to go, sob). This means that all I've been able to sew is knit garments I can make on my serger/coverstitch. Perhaps it's not that surprising that my list is all woven items as I'm getting a little sick of t-shirts. I have all of the fabrics for my plans and most of the notions so when I get my machine back I can start fitting and sewing. The Cartography sweater is one of the pieces on my list and the rest are as follows:

Winter sewing plans

I want to sew the Wide Leg Pants from Peppermint Magazine in this olive cotton twill from Style Maker Fabrics. Since I've been without my machine I've been working through the Craftsy sloper classes. I've drafted the first version of my pants sloper and I need to sew it up in muslin and refine the fit. I am hoping to get a decent fitting pants sloper that I can use to improve the fit on pants patterns. Whether that means drafting similar style pants from my sloper or using the sloper to adapt the pattern pieces I don't know yet, but one way or the other I am hopeful that I can conquer pants that fit.

Winter sewing plans

I'm not even sure why but I started receiving the Boden catalog in the mail. There was a skirt that I really liked that's a slight A-line with patch pockets. Ages ago a friend gave me a yard of Pendleton wool and I've been hoarding it ever since. Because of my fabric limitations and because I look better in shorter skirts anyway, I will make a mini-skirt instead of knee length and probably will do a facing instead of a waistband. I will also line the skirt with bemberg rayon since the outer shell is wool. I have a Burda magazine pattern that may work, or I might draft my own since skirts are pretty easy to draft. I don't own many skirts anymore and this piece will be a really versatile part of my winter wardrobe worn with tights and boots.

Winter sewing plans

I bought McCall's 7360 when Joann's had a sale because I wanted a white popover shirt and this pattern got good reviews. The fabric is a rayon challis from Joann's. The only reason I haven't sewn it up already is because my machine sucks at buttonholes (one thing I am hoping that servicing will fix). I have sewn shirts before and I don't recall particularly enjoying the process so I thought that a popover might be a good reintroduction to ease into making a button-front shirt. I definitely need a blouse like this in my wardrobe. it's a basic that goes with everything and I just got rid of one because it didn't fit well and was cheaply made.

Winter sewing plans

When I cleaned out my closet over the summer I got rid of all but 2 button-front shirts. But now that I only have 2 left I realized that it's not that I don't like wearing button-front shirts, I just didn't wear any of the ones I already owned frequently because none of them fit. Particularly I discarded 2 chambray shirts and now I really wish I hadn't. A classic chambray shirt is such a basic piece to have that layers well, especially in winter since you can wear it under sweaters. I got this OOP McCall's 6649 for free because I had a craftsy credit. The sample shirt is pretty hideous but if you look past that, it's just a basic fitted button-front shirt that is a perfect match for my tencel chambray that I bought at Joann's. I'm hoping to use these 2 shirts to sort out my fitting bodice issues because I think it'll come in handy for my next couple of plans.

Winter sewing plans

I wasn't sure that the boyfriend blazer trend was for me, but then I bought a grey check blazer and I absolutely love it. It's comfortable to wear but still polished enough for work. I really want a 70s-inspired corduroy version using Simplicity 8749. I bought this gold corduroy from and I will line this with some stashed bemberg rayon. I've never sewn a blazer before but I watched a video on sewing this jacket and it actually looks pretty do-able. Plus I have my other blazer that fits really well so I can use it to compare measurements. I'm picturing adding leather elbow patches to go full-on university professor but we'll see. I think the hardest part of this jacket will be the fitting.

These are the 5 items I'm hoping to sew before the end of the year. Except for the skirt they are all on the more challenging side, but I think I can do it. I have one more bonus project that is making a reappearance in my plans, and might continue for awhile before I actually get around to making it.

Winter sewing plans

Ah, yes, the coat. The reason this keeps popping up over and over again is because i'm torn. on the one hand, I have this gorgeous navy wool melton that's been in my stash for at least 5 years at this point and I want to actually use it. on the other hand, I really don't need a coat. I have 4 coats and one of them is a navy wool, though the style is much different than what I'm planning to sew. so i keep putting it on my list and then not making it because it does feel off to sew something i don't actually need right now. At least I have gone one step further this time and chose a pattern. This is OOP Vogue 8841, again obtained for free through craftsy. I want a long dramatic duster length wrap coat and I think this will be perfect. I probably won't make it this year but I will someday. It's on the list with an asterisk in case i somehow plough through the rest of my list and have extra time.

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