Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Seamwork Neenah

Seamwork Neenah

I got an offer to try Seamwork so I temporarily subscribed and downloaded one pattern. I chose the Neenah turtleneck dress. I have heard that there are problems with their block fitting only a particular body type and unfortunately I ran into some of the same issues as others. I decided to make a top first, and then if I liked the pattern I might make the dress.

The fabric I used is a navy sweater rib knit from Fabric.com. It was surprisingly unstretchy for a rib knit with 4% lycra. It's not my favorite to be honest, as I find it a tad scratchy but it is very thick and warm.

I traced the size S. One thing to note: I used the lengthen/shorten lines to convert the pattern to a top but I did not realize at first that the lengthen/shorten lines are in different locations on the front and back, so one of my pieces was longer than the other. I found this very unusual, as I'm pretty sure most patterns keep that line in the same location unless there is a style reason for them to be different. at any rate, I think I just cut the longer one to match the shorter once I realized they weren't the same.

The major fit issue I have with this pattern is that the shoulders are too narrow. They want to pop up on my shoulder line and I have to actively pull them down to get them to sit on my shoulders. I know that the pattern is drafted with negative ease but I don't think there should be any negative ease in the shoulders because you want that area to fit. Because I am petite most of my body is smaller than average but in the shoulder area I'm fairly normal so I do think it's a pattern issue, especially since I've read that Seamwork/Colette specifically has problems with narrow shoulders.

The other major thing that I don't love is more of a personal preference thing. This is a true turtleneck in the traditional sense. It fits very closely to the neck. I prefer my high neck tops to be a bit looser because I hate that strangly-neck feeling. It might not bother other people but I would prefer the neck fit to be looser, especially in a slightly scratchy fabric like this.

Construction-wise, I don't think I looked at the instructions. One thing that I found weird and kind of pointless was the extremely narrow cuffs. In my opinion they look a little silly at this width so if I were to make this pattern again I'd leave off the cuffs and just hem the sleeves with my coverstitch.

So yeah, this one is just "meh" to me. It's fine and I'm sure I'll wear it occasionally but it's not a favorite. The pattern has too many issues for me, so I don't think I'll make it again. It would be pretty easy to take a well-fitting slim tee and convert the neckline to a turtleneck, so I'd probably do that next time.

Back tomorrow with a styling post.

Cost Breakdown

  • Time Spent: ~3.5 hours (prepping PDF/tracing/cutting/sewing)
  • Fabric: $13.47
  • Pattern: $1 (special offer, normally $7 with subscription or $12 without)
  • Notions: ~$.50

Approximate total: $14.97

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