Thursday, October 18, 2018


I love this sweater so much.


Tincanknits released the Strange Brew e-book a few weeks back. I was having a particularly bad day and was in need of a cheerful pick-me-up. I bought the book and cast-on for Cartography right away without even knitting a swatch. (Disclaimer: Do as I say not as I do, always knit and block a swatch for sweaters, blah blah blah) I made the size Adult M.


Originally I had bought several colors of Knit Picks worsted weight wool to recreate this topshop pullover. I loved the combination of colors but ultimately I decided that knitting a plain stockinette sweater was too boring to attempt so I was happy to repurpose the yarn for Cartography instead. I started with 5 colors but I actually ripped back when I didn't like how contrast-y the 2 blues looked together in the large motifs. I replaced the darker blue with some grey Ella Rae Classic. I ended up using just under 1000 yards.


One mod I did not make but wish I had was to add short-rows to the back neck. I was simply too excited to start knitting and didn't even think about it until it was too late. I made several other changes to the pattern as follows:

  1. All edges are tubular cast-ons and bind-offs
  2. Used lifted increases
  3. Used 6 colors instead of 2 or 4
  4. Changed colors on a whim and knit the motifs in whatever order I felt like
  5. Made a cropped length
  6. Decreased 12 stitches at the waist to draw it in
  7. Made a split hem about 2" deep on the front and 4" deep on the back with #5 needles
  8. Converted sleeve stitch count to be a whole repeat
  9. Knit sleeves straight to elbow, then increased 12 stitches
  10. Knit wider sleeve for a few inches then did a rapid decrease round for bishop style sleeve
  11. Knit deep 6" cuffs, decreasing slightly to narrow at the wrist

My favorite part is a detail that most people would never notice. I love the look of a tubular cast-on/bind-off. The finished edges are so neat and tidy even though they can be kind of a pain to work.

I wore this sweater to work today and I think it will get a lot of wear this winter. I debated whether I should do a cropped sweater or a long sweater dress, but I think I made the right choice. It's a perfect pullover to pair with high-waisted skirts and pants. I just love it so much and I'm already itching to cast-on another project from the book.

Cost Breakdown

  • Rough Estimate of Time Spent: ~30 hours (knitting and finishing)
  • Yarn: $25.94
  • Pattern: $22

Approximate total: $47.94

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  1. It is very pretty .I love the muted color scheme .



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