Friday, October 19, 2018

Always Learning: Lollipop Brioche Hat

I am on my way to Rhinebeck right now and knitting has been on the brain, so I have another knit FO to show you today.

I have knit single-color brioche and 2-color brioche with one strand in each hand, but I've never done 2-color brioche with one strand at a time. I've been thinking a lot about my winter color palette and I found some Wren House Yarns that I bought earlier this year at Indie Knit and Spin that were perfect for a new winter hat. I chose the Lollipop Brioche Hat pattern by Raina K.

Lollipop Hat

I ripped and re-knit this hat so many times. Firstly, it took me awhile to get the hang of doing 2-color brioche. Then, I studied the finished projects and decided that I needed to cast-on fewer stitches and knit with size #3 needles because most people said the hat came out too large. I started with 80 stitches, knit all the way up to the decreases, and realized the hat was too small. I ripped again and started over with 96 stitches on #3s, switching to #4s when I started the pattern. The I had to partially rip back a few more times because I thought I had the pattern memorized but was wrong. But I stuck with it and I'm happy I did because the finished hat is amazing.

Lollipop Hat

There are quite a few typos in the pattern and there are no charts. I think I would have had fewer issues if there had been charts, as I am a very visual person and I tend to gloss over written instructions. I did a 2-color cable cast-on instead of the German twisted cast-on, and I actually don't care for it. Next time I'd go with the 2-color Italian tubular cast-on. I didn't increase stitches after the brim and I worked sections ABA then started the decreases instead of doing sections ABAB because I wanted a beanie not a slouchy hat. I think I knit the decreases as written but I did have to shift stitches to get them to line up correctly on the pattern--perhaps because I ended a half-repeat early.

I am in love with 2-color brioche and I want to knit all the brioche projects now. I know I am late to the party on this one but I finally get it. I may go with a shawl next, or perhaps another hat for my husband.

Cost Breakdown

  • Time Spent: ~20 hours (knitting and reknitting and reknitting)
  • Yarn: $13.86
  • Pattern: $0 (obtained during a limited free offer, PDF is $4.31 USD)

Approximate total: $13.86

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