Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Another for the TNT file

Ogden Cami

I've worn my green silk Ogden Cami a bunch over the summer. Even though fall is quickly approaching I thought I could squeeze out one more version to wear before it gets really cold. I used a yard of Cotton + Steel rayon by Rifle and Paper Co. I love their florals so much, and the drape of this rayon challis is lovely to wear.

Because my first two versions were a little tight under the arms, I went up to a size 2 for this one. I lengthened the top 1.5", but otherwise I made no changes. This version fits better under the arms but now the straps want to fall down and my bra shows more easily. So, I dunno. I guess when I make it again I'll probably go back to the in-between sizes 0-2 that I used for my green cami, because I'd rather the underarms be a little tight than have my straps fall down all the time.

Other than that issue, I love the cami. It was very easy to sew and I had no issues cutting or sewing with rayon--a huge relief after the nightmare that was sewing silk charmeuse. I think the color is perfect for autumn and the camisole style will be wonderful for early fall layering. I'm sure I will keep making the Ogden Cami again and again.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a fall-centric styling post for this top.

Cost Breakdown

  • Time Spent: ~4 hours (prepping PDF/cutting/sewing)
  • Fabric: $15.98
  • Pattern: $3.33 (third use: originally $10 for the PDF)
  • Notions: ~$.50

Approximate total: $19.81

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