Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ali Sweatshirt

Ali Sweatshirt

I love mixing prints and I've always been a fan of stripes + florals. I had the idea in my head that I wanted a long-sleeve knit top for fall that incorporated both so I bought a couple of pieces from Denver Fabrics with that in mind. I chose a black floral brushed poly/spandex that puts me in mind of lularoe leggings and a "brushed poly sweater knit" in stripes that I hoped would be similar to the black fabric. When I received them I realized that the fabrics are actually not all that similar--the stripe is thicker and more like a knitted fabric but I decided to go ahead and use them together anyway. I also chose a rib knit I got at Threadbare Fabrics for the neck and hem bands.

I was originally planning to use Simplicity 8529 but then the new Ali Sweatshirt by Sew DIY came out and I decided to give it a try instead.

I traced the size XS and the bracelet sleeve. I know that the designer is tall so I figured that the Ali would be longer on me, and I was right. The sweatshirt is definitely not cropped on me at all. If I wanted it to be cropped, I'd need to shorten it by 3.5". The "bracelet sleeve" was also shortened, maybe 1.25"? and it's an extra long sleeve on me that hits about mid-hand. I would probably shorten it as well a little more next time.

Ali Sweatshirt

Because I was dealing with this large scale floral, I did not want the extra seaming details on the yoke and sleeves so I eliminated them. I do like the design lines of the extra seaming and I would use them on another project. I thought it might look weird if I used the lighter rib fabric for the cuffs so I cut the sleeve cuffs out of the floral as well.

I had a minor snafu on construction. I cut out the crew neck version but I sewed the neckband at night when I was tired and put it on backwards so that the seam was in the front. I couldn't live with that so the next morning I unpicked my serged neckband and reapplied it on the proper way. Because of the unpicking my neckband is a little wider than it should be but I think it looks fine. Overall the construction was very easy, especially since I eliminated the extra yoke/sleeve seams and did not topstitch. The entire thing was constructed using my serger.

I'm reasonably happy with the finish but it is bigger than I'd like. I think next time I would try an XXS. There is a lot of extra fabric under the arms, which admittedly is part of the style, but I think I would like it more if it were less baggy. I would probably also do more of a cropped length in the future.

I liked the pattern and I would make it again with the changes I mentioned. I would like to do one in a solid color with the seaming details. I also think it would be a good stashbuster for leftover fabrics with the colorblocking options. Though I am starting to have quite the sweatshirt collection at this point so I think I'll hold off for awhile before sewing another one.

Back tomorrow with a styling post.

Cost Breakdown

  • Time Spent: ~5 hours (prepping PDF/tracing/cutting/sewing)
  • Fabric: $26.31
  • Pattern: $10.20 (on sale, normally $12)
  • Notions: ~$.50

Approximate total: $37.01

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