Monday, July 16, 2018

Six months of socks

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From January through June, I've completed 3 pairs of socks a month. One pair is for a friend, and another is for my husband but the rest are mine. I think that my sock knitting will definitely slow down for the rest of the year though, for a few reasons.

  1. I have so many pairs of socks. I haven't worn any of the new ones, as I've decided to wait until 2019. Not including these, I have about 35-40 pairs of socks that I still wear. It hasn't been as cold for the past few winters so I don't even wear handknit socks every day for 3 seasons like I used to. At some point, you just have enough socks.
  2. I've been sewing/quilting a lot more this year so I have less time to knit. Most of my knitting has come during my lunch break at work or within a half hour of going to bed.
  3. I really want to start making fall/winter accessories soon so that I'll have them before the weather turns. I procrastinate on this every year and end up with cold hands/head/neck/etc. I could legitimately use more hand accessories and a new scarf. I don't need more hats but I have fewer hats than socks. It also takes less time to knit hats than socks. I would love to knit a new sweater or two.
  4. I've really been neglecting my blankets and I'd like to get them finished. One is very close to being done and it'd be nice to have a cozy wool blanket for fall.

Having said all that, I should be able to keep knitting at least one pair of socks a month. I do still have tons of sock yarn in the stash after all. I haven't been buying much yarn at all this year and I've gone through over 5 pounds of stash yarn so far. I'm hoping to keep up that trend even if my pace isn't quite as fast.

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