Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Modern Sampler, Block 5

Next up was the last large block, Aunt Rachel's Star. I made this block once before using the linked instructions to paper-piece a 12" block. I remember it being very difficult and a huge PITA. This time I drafted it to use 2" HSTs, so not quite as difficult to work with.

I bought Triangles on a roll paper to try out for the first time. For the most part, I really liked it. It did produce nice accurate HSTs without having to trim. I also used my trimming tool to precut the dog ears and that saved a lot of time as well. I also used my flying geese ruler to cut out the triangles for the star points.

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So the issues I had with this block: For the rest of the quilt, I've been pressing all of my seams open. For this block only I decided to press them to the side. Because there are so many points to match up I thought it might be easier to nest the seams, especially since I am not planning to quilt it myself and don't have to worry as much about bulk. Well, I was wrong. I still had a pretty hard time getting the seams to match. Though to be fair, there are so many seams that I think there would be issues no matter what way I pressed them. I also had a brain lapse and pressed all of the seams for the primarily green star points the wrong direction so I had to twist my seams to get them to match. *sigh* This is one of the reasons I press my seams open. oh well, it's not like you can tell from the front.

I am really happy with my fabric choices for this block. I love how the large floral gets showcased because of the 24" size, and the solid/small scale print combo makes the design look cohesive throughout. I was dreading making this one a little bit but for the most part I enjoyed the process.

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