Saturday, June 23, 2018

Modern Sampler Block 12

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Ahh, the Card Trick block. I've made it a few times before. It's fun as a one-off but I doubt I'd ever want to make a whole quilt with it. I had a minor hiccup where I forgot to cut out an entire fabric and didn't notice until I put the pieces together and realized that one of the "cards" was missing.

It doesn't happen very often but I just have to say that I was having a very good piecing day and my points are nearly perfect. whenever you have a day like that you should celebrate, since the opposite day also exists...when your points won't match up no matter what you do.

Because this quilt is based off of 6" blocks, I would be lost without my 6.5" square up ruler. It's so handy even for the larger blocks because many of the components are 6" squares that need to be trimmed before assembling the whole thing. I also use it to trim my 3x6 flying geese and 3" HSTs. i probably wouldn't buy square rulers in every size available, but this 6.5" ruler is incredibly handy.

And the diagram keeps on filling in. only 2 more 18" blocks to go and I'll be on to the 12". I doubt anyone will notice but I have been moving some of the blocks around on the diagram to ensure that my fabrics are evenly dispersed and that the blocks look good next to one another. I'll probably do that even more when I get to the smaller blocks. it's handy to have this visual representation because the quilt is so large that it won't fit completely on my design wall.

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