Monday, June 04, 2018

Modern Sampler, Block 1

I've been working on finishing up other things, but I finally got around to starting my sampler quilt. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled 110 different fabrics from my stash and washed and pressed them. Previously I had been using a pinking blade on the edges pre-washing. Unfortunately I was finding that the blade dulls very quickly and it still leaves little threads to clean up after washing. I switched to serging all of the edges first, which was time consuming, but ultimately more successful.

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Generally speaking, I'm starting with the largest blocks first and working my way towards the smaller ones in order to make the most efficient use of my fabric. So first up is the Trip Around the World block. I modified it slightly to remove unnecessary seams. I did this throughout the quilt so it'll come up again.

You can see the construction in the diagram. I cut out 4.5" strips and subcut them into squares where necessary. You can strip piece parts of this block but I chose not to because the block is so large I figured I'd be more accurate just piecing the squares. The block is 36" square, large enough to be a baby blanket on its own.

The nice thing about doing a sampler quilt is that by only making one block at a time I can take the trouble to be concerned about details. I made sure that the background text print strips all face the same direction. normally i can't be bothered. I am pressing all of my seams open for this quilt, which does make the intersections a little harder to match up. It's not perfect but I've decided I can live with some variance.

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I wanted to make the first block an easy one to finish. Block #2 will be a bit more complicated.

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