Friday, March 30, 2018

On a sock kick

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Socks are my favorite objects to knit. I pretty much always have at least one pair on the needles. I love how portable they are, and how there are infinite variations on construction and pattern so I don't get bored. I know that most people seem to develop their "one true" formula and then stick to it, but I guess I'm a weirdo who likes to constantly try different things. Some of them match and some don't. Some were knit cuff-down, some toe-up. some have heel flaps and gussets, some have short-row or afterthought heels in garter or heel stitch or plain. There are wedge toes and round toes and spiral toes. I ran out of yarn on two of the pairs and had to improvise.

I also enjoy using different needles. My favorites are size 0 (2.0mm) chiao-goo red lace 32". but i've also used hiya hiya sharp circs, addi sockwunder, karbonz DPNs, addi 10" circs, and probably others. i sometimes knit my socks 2 at a time in tandem, but lately i've been sticking to 1 at a time. mostly because i'm too lazy to divide my yarn cake into 2 skeins. i used to knit my socks 2 at a time on one long circ, but i've given that up as too fiddly. i hate having to constantly rearrange the yarns to keep them from getting tangled.

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So far, I've knit 3 pairs of socks a month, so I have 9 finished pairs this first quarter of 2018. You can see individual pictures on my Ravelry page. If I had to pick a favorite so far, it's probably my handspun socks from January. I do heart me some handspun socks.

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I may have a new favorite in progress though. I bought this Wren House Yarns MCN at Indie Knit and Spin in Pittsburgh last weekend. it is knitting up beautifully and the cashmere adds a bit of halo that is just lovely. Normally I like to knit patterned socks with speckled yarn but this one was just so perfect that I wanted to showcase it in simple stockinette.

My general crafting tends to ebb and flow, but sock knitting is my constant...which is lucky since i have so much freaking sock yarn. but that's a post for another day.


  1. I too love the chiao-goo red lace needles. I haven't been knitting for a while ( a move, settling in, and now no more excuses). I love the 2 pairs pictured here and wow -- you are knitting socks like crazy! Good on you!

  2. Ooooooooooooo...all the lovelies, all in a BOX! Such a nice assortment. Socks .... they never fail to please.

  3. I love how laid back you are when it comes to knitting your socks. I enjoy when you have a "misfit" toe and just go with it. :)

    1. I figured out a long time ago that nobody looks at your socks, so who cares if they match? i've even recently started trying out different techniques in the same pair (so i can try double the new things if i knit each individual sock a bit different rather than sticking to identical pairs)



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