Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2017 Final Stash Report and Goals

So I was total crap at publicly tracking my stash. I last did one of these in April. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017 Stash Totals

Project Yardage: +39163 yds

Incoming Stash Yardage: -38533 yds

Difference: +630 yds

Project Weight: +11440 g

Incoming Stash Weight: -10783 g

Difference: +657 g / +1.45 lbs

So I barely ended up in the black for 2017, but I just managed it. I'm going to try to do better in 2018. Also, I can't believe I used nearly 40000 yds.

2017 Handspun Totals

Handspun Weight: +90.67 oz

Incoming Fiber Stash Weight: -81.94 oz

Difference: +8.73 oz / +.55 lbs

I started the year strong with spinning, but tapered off towards the end. I ended up basically removing 2 braids from my stash overall. not great, but better than adding to it.

2017 Project Totals

79 finished objects

  • 35 pairs of socks
  • 22 hats
  • 9 neckwear items
  • 6 handwear items
  • 7 sweaters

For me: 37

For others: 23

For design samples: 19

20 skeins of handspun

2017 Handspun yardage: 5784 yds

Active WIPs: 2 pairs of socks, 2 blankets

Abandoned 2017 WIPs: 4

2017 Goals

Crafty/Business Goals

  1. Do what I feel like doing: I did a pretty decent job of this. I designed what I wanted to design for the most part and took breaks when I felt like it. I did get a little tired of knitting gift hats by the end but i managed it. Check
  2. Knit 26 pairs of socks: I finished 35, so Check
  3. Knit 12 Personal Sock Club socks: I knit all 12 skeins but changed it during the year so I could knit what I wanted/needed (not all were socks) Most of a Check?
  4. Knit 12 Desert Vista Dyeworks socks: Check!
  5. Knit 1 square a day on my sock yarn blanket: nope. i always seem to peter out during the summer. Fail
  6. Finish Granny Rectangle Blanket: I put it away after April and got it out in December. I've added a couple more inches to it recently but it's not done. Fail
  7. Knit 3 sweaters: I can't believe I finished 7 sweaters this year. Check +
  8. Reduce my stash: Ehhhh, I mean, kind of? technically i did but not by much. I'd like to do better in 2018. Weak Check
  9. Limit crafty stash/pattern purchases to immediate cast-ons: I'd say I did better but not great on this. at the end I did buy 2 more sweater quantities, which isn't ideal. Fail
  10. Podcast once a month: i think i did until December. Vlogging killed my mojo. Fail
  11. Publish 4 designs: I published 17 patterns in 2017. definitely my best year ever. Check +
  12. Keep up with business bookkeeping: I got lazy towards the end of the year. better but not perfect. Fail

Life Goals

  1. Do Capsule Wardrobe challenge once a quarter: I actually mostly did this. i've learned that a very loose capsule is what works for me and i don't know that a rigid structure will ever really be my thing. but i have learned a bit about relying on fewer things and it's made me want to make more of my own clothes in 2018. so i would call this a success. 3/4 of a check
  2. Cook/bake more: I really didn't do much of this at all. Fail
  3. Be more frugal: nor this. Fail

I don't know that I'm really in the mood this year to do goals for 2018. I really did not think about my goals at all for 2017 after the first quarter so I don't know that it helps me much with motivation. but hey, it was fun to look back on the year at everything i accomplished. 2017 was a pretty crap year emotionally and life-wise, but at least the crafty part was productive. Perhaps crafting helped keep me sane so that's why there was so much of it.

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  1. I am in awe of how much you knit this year! That is amazing!



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