Friday, October 27, 2017

While I was knitting...10/27


  • You guys!!! Stranger Things 2!!!! ok, so i haven't actually started watching since it just came out this morning, but i've been re-watching S1 to recap. I really really want to binge-watch but my husband and I watch this show together so I'll have to restrain myself.
  • Reign: We just canceled Hulu and resubscribed to netflix so I'm catching up now on all the shows I missed. Reign is a terrible soapy ahistorical nightmare of a show that borders on farce. but the costumes are lovely and it's good silly fun if you don't stop to think too hard about how ridiculous it all is. i'm in the middle of S3. usually i rapidly consume a few episodes and then have to take a break from how stupid it is for awhile.
  • Big Mouth: We've only watched one episode so far but I think this will fill the hole left by Rick and Morty. it's very Kroll-esque so it's probably not for everyone. if you don't mind crude humor it's worth checking out.


  • Sterilite ornament container: I got this tip from the Yarn Hoarder podcast. These containers are awesome for storing handknit socks b/c they have vertical slots. you can perfectly fold and stack your socks. i had bought 2 of them last year (one for my husband and one for me) but i have knit too many pairs this year and mine is overflowing. i don't even know for sure how many pairs of socks i own but between the year-long kals i'm doing and all of my new designs, i have oodles of socks made this year that i've never even worn. it was definitely time to buy a second container.

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  1. The episode of Big Mouth where they visit the Statue of Liberty is my favorite so far! My husband said, "Even *I* don't think it's that funny!" But it just struck me.

    Can't wait to see how Stranger Things 2 is!



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