Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Revisiting the Capsule Wardrobe

Those of you who have been reading the blog for awhile may remember that I tried out a capsule wardrobe in February of this year and absolutely hated it. I had chosen 20 pieces: 5 each of tops, pants, outer layers, and shoes and remixed only those pieces for the month of February. I quickly got tired of wearing the same thing again and again and concluded that capsule wardrobes weren't for me.

Well, I've put a lot of thought into it since then and I realize that I made several mistakes. Mainly, my capsule was too small. I thought that because I was only doing a one month challenge that I could get away with fewer pieces. This kept me from including some more interesting statement items because I'd be wearing them over and over again and I thought that people would notice the repetition. So I ended up only choosing bland staple items which I quickly grew tired of.

This one primary mistake led to some other problems. I didn't really have enough clothes for 7 full days in a week. I got around it by wearing my PJs on weekends, but I didn't really complete the challenge for an entire month because I constantly had to do laundry. I also couldn't adjust very well to changing weather conditions. Some days it was abnormally warm in February and my wardrobe overall was too hot. If I had a larger number of items, I could plan better for these fluctuations.

I recently downloaded a free wardrobe app to my phone, Pureple. There are definitely things I like and don't like about this app, and maybe one day I'll go into more detail but not today. The main point of bringing it up is that I was able to create a visual catalog of what I own. It helps me to put outfits together in advance and has really shortened my morning routine. I also have been confronted by just how many clothes I own. I've decided to try another capsule, this time for the month of October, and I'm aiming to avoid the mistakes of last time.


  1. Just like last time, sleepwear, workout wear, coats, and under layers like camis or tights that aren't part of the outfit don't count. Neither do accessories like bags, hats, scarves/shawls, mitts, socks, or jewelry.
  2. Unlike last time, I have to do the capsule for all 31 days. no more wearing my PJs all day on weekends.
  3. I'm still narrowing it down, but I am going to be near the traditional capsule wardrobe number of 37 pieces. It's significantly more than 20, but not huge either. I've been building outfits in Pureple and the outfit combinations are so much more diverse. I can see how people do this for a whole season (though I will be sticking to one month for now)
  4. No new clothing purchases in October. I'm putting it in writing to hold myself accountable. That's really the whole point of this--that I have a lot of clothes and I can dress myself with what i have in my closet.

I will build these capsule wardrobe posts into my What I Wore Wednesday posts for October. I might post some of my favorite outfits to Instagram, but I definitely won't be doing it every day like I did in February. I'll be posting for the rest of September more details about the specific items I've chosen. I'm very excited about this new adventure and I hope you'll follow along with me!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see how you do with this! I'm always tempted to try, but I never ever get around to it. Maybe I'll be inspired by your experience. Good luck!

  2. I am excited to see you try this again but with a slightly larger pool of clothing!

    Giving it some thought, I'm not sure I have more than 40 core pieces I wear regularly, so I might be doing something similar without realizing it. I've never been much of a clothes horse! I tend to own 2 pairs of the exact same black bottom for hotter seasons and colder ones, then a half dozen cardigans, and I regularly wear 10 of my tees (and I have been weeding out the rest as I can bare to let go of them since they just hang in my closet). I have 3 different dresses I might wear on occasion, but I've been building a leggings collection over the last 5 months to try and jazz those up a bit more. I'm pretty boring, I'm realizing. :P

    1. I think that's great! I'm currently weeding things out from my closet and realizing that I don't need 3 nearly identical items when one would suffice. it's helping me figure out what kinds of sweaters i should knit too (ahem, ones i would actually wear).



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