Friday, August 18, 2017

While I was knitting...08/18/17


  • Game of Thrones (HBO, Amazon): I've been keeping up with the newest season. It's not over yet, so I won't say it's official but I think S6/7 have me back on the GOT train. They've gradually mostly let up on the sadistic horror. So there's that.
  • Fargo S1 (Hulu, Amazon): I've always wanted to watch this series, but hadn't ever gotten around to it. Spicy and I are really enjoying it. The homage to the Coen brothers is pretty well done, and the show is darkly funny but man it moves sooo slowwwly. I think we're halfway through the season now. The episodes just seem extraordinarily long. I'd like to keep watching beyond Season 1 but I think we may need a break once it's over.


  • Myths and Legends Podcast: This is not a new to me podcast, but I am catching up on some episodes as I had fallen behind on listening this year. Right now I'm on the story of Sinbad. It's always an entertaining podcast and I highly recommend it.
  • Book suggestions?
    I have a few audible credits but I just haven't been in book listening mode. I can't find any books that I haven't read before that I'd like to listen to right now. Does anybody have recommendations for a good book that they've read lately?

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