Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What We Wore Wednesday 08/16/17

This week, I only had one thing that was more of a DIY than an actual make, but I did make a sweater for my daughter that I wanted to share.

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I've been seeing cute basket purses this summer that were decorated with pompoms and tassels. I really wanted one but they were often $100 or more. I found a simple basket purse on Amazon and made my own pompoms with the 2" clover pompom maker. I used up a little over 50g of leftover cotton yarns. I hardly ever knit with cotton so it was nice to be able to use up some of that stash. I went with a blue and cream color scheme to keep it fairly neutral. The basket is just the right size that after summer is over, I will use it as a small project bag until next summer.

Outfit Details:

Just as an aside, I bought this new matte topcoat for my nails and now i want to matte-ify everything. i'm late to the party on this trend, but i'm absolutely obsessed with it. (with opi nail polish)


In other news, I finished a project for the #readyforwinterkal. I made my dog Penny another handspun sweater. She gets really cold in the winter and having only one sweater is inconvenient, so she needed another. I modified the free Harness-friendly dog sweater. I almost have the formula just right for her size, and I'd like to maybe make her another one someday out of scraps. it would be so stripey and fun.

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