Monday, August 07, 2017

Show Notes for Podcast Ep #50: Say Hello to my Little Friend

The second pattern in the Magical Maladies Collection is now available! Come knit-along with us in the Ravelry Group. The collection is $14 for all four patterns until September 4. Use the hashtags #knottygnomecrafts and #magicalmaladieskal on social media. Our sponsors for this month are The Happy Horcrux and Nerd Girl Yarns.

Please join our Ravelry Group. We have two 2017 KALs, the Kindnessalong and the Sockalong, going on over there. The prize was announced for the June-July Kindnessalong.

We're doing an informal makealong #readyforwinterkal in the Ravelry group and on instagram. Please post any makes that are preparing you for the upcoming cold weather. The KAL runs from now through the end of September.

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