Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday 4/26

I sewed a couple versions of Fancy Tiger Crafts One Hour Top. The first version I made was out of a more stable knit than this one. The cotton jersey that I used for this top is very slinky and thin, and it doesn't hold it's shape that well. It wants to fall off the shoulder, Flashdance-style. Not my favorite look but ok for lounging around on weekends.

one hour top

Outfit Details:

I made a wearable muslin of the Colette Laurel blouse out of some mustard shot cotton from my stash. I've been wanting some spring tops with bell sleeves and I was going to modify the Scout tee until I happened to find this pattern in my stash that already had ruffled sleeves. The fabric is definitely on the sturdy side--the top wrinkles easily and the cuffs aren't as drapey as i'd like, especially b/c the sleeve cuff is a doubled layer of fabric. i have another version cut out and ready to sew and this time i'm using a thin cotton shirting with a single layer for the cuff. I do like the style and color of the blouse though and I'm sure I'll wear it occasionally.


Outfit Details:

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