Monday, April 24, 2017

Odds 'n Ends April 2017


  • I recently watched season 1 of Mr. Robot and I was pretty blown away. The series was artfully put together and enjoyable to watch. there were so many references--to Stanley Kubrick films, Fight Club, American Psycho, and many others. it was fun to watch and pick out the easter eggs as they went by. I've read between the lines that Season 2 was not nearly as well-received as the first season, but my fingers are crossed that it'll be good.
  • Spicy and I have almost made it all the way through Sneaky Pete and I have to say that I'm fairly disappointed. It seems like there is a good show in there somewhere and I like a lot of the actors. I'm a big Justified fan and of Breaking Bad as well, but this show seems to be trying to cram too many plot points in one season. all of the plot threads make watching it tedious and difficult to follow and the run times of some of the episodes are just too long. i'm sure we'll watch the whole season eventually but to this point it's been a bit of a slog.
  • ok, so it's not technically even out yet (comes out Wednesday!) but I am SOOOO EXCITED about The Handmaid's Tale. i read the book in high school, and Margaret Atwood is my favorite author (though this isn't my favorite book--that would be The Blind Assassin). the casting seems fantastic and the previews look amazing. i will undoubtedly be glued to my tv come Wednesday.
  • NBA Playoffs: I mention this only b/c it's what i've been watching the most lately, and it's what's been making me fall woefully behind on podcast-watching again. Spicy and I are Boston Celtics fans, so it's been a bit of a roller coaster up to this point but for the most part it's been enjoyable.


  • I don't know if I will remember to talk about it during my next podcast, so in case I forget, I purchased a Craftsy class, Patternmaking Basics, The Bodice Sloper. I've recently become interested in being able to draft my own patterns. The class, which I have watched all the way through but haven't done any of the lessons yet, is incredibly labor-intensive and detailed. It's a lot of work to get a sloper that fits just right. The class only goes over the process of drafting a bodice sloper and doesn't include sleeves or using the sloper to draft patterns. There is a series of separate classes that build on each other. I understand why they did it this way b/c it is so much information, but it's a little disappointing to learn at the conclusion of the class that i still won't really know how to use a sloper unless i fork over more money for additional classes.

    Because of this, I think the next class I take will actually be the skirt sloper class. Drafting a skirt is quite a bit less complicated than doing a bodice and I think it would be a better entry point to begin with. Also b/c the fitting process is less involved the skirt class does include lessons on using your sloper to design different skirts. I think maybe if I take this class and follow it first, then I will have a better idea of how to make and use the bodice sloper. so if you are looking into drafting classes, i would highly recommend starting with the skirt class and going from there.

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