Friday, February 10, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 2

It's been colder this week. I've been wishing for more and heavier layers.

Day 4 (No picture): So here's how I'm getting around the laundry issue. On weekends when I don't leave the house, I just haven't gotten dressed. Sad perhaps, but it works. I did say that loungewear/sleepwear doesn't count.


Day 5: I recorded a podcast so I had to get dressed. no shoes though.


Day 6: Normally I would not wear black with navy. I've also definitely been pulling out shawls and scarves I don't usually wear in order to add some variety.


Day 7: Case in point? I've never worn this shawl before. it's been kind of fun pulling out neckwear i forgot that i had.


Day 8: I went for comfy sneakers but should've worn an outer layer too. i was cold all day.


Day 9: I'm regretting the lack of color. outfits are starting to feel pretty bland.


Day 10: went for stripes on stripes today because i was so desperate for a pop of color.

as you may have guessed, it's only Week 2 and i'm already starting to get weary of this challenge. I definitely made a few errors in not picking things with more variety. i get that a capsule wardrobe is supposed to be mix and match but i feel like i'm wearing the same thing all the time. it is still easy at this point to put outfits together but i'm starting to see that it will get more challenging to find combos i haven't already worn.

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