Friday, February 03, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 1

It's a short one this time since February just started on Wednesday. I really need to work on the whole selfie thing, though in my defense it's hard to get a decent selfie when you have really short arms.

The weather has turned more typical for the season lately, though it has been perhaps a bit warmer than usual. It's been in the 20s and 30s F, so I did switch out the short-sleeve tee for a long-sleeved one. I also switched out the black ankle boots for a pair of sneakers because I realized I'd need something casual for weekends. I haven't had a chance to photograph those two items yet but I will update my original post eventually.


Day 1: I really like this outfit. It's pretty comfortable and very me. The only thing negative is that the sweater is pretty warm so I got a bit overheated at times.


Day 2: This is pretty much my uniform. I wear some kind of neck accessory (scarf or shawl) almost every day in the winter. I'm wearing my ginormous Campside shawl which I absolutely love. I likely would have been chilly in this outfit but the shawl kept me warm and toasty all day.


Day 3: I don't like this outfit as much as I thought I would. it looked pretty sloppy until I half-tucked the shirt and added a belt. I am wearing my Adele shawl that I designed way back in the day. I love the burgundy color and the MCN yarn is so soft. I am also wearing the only pair of over the knee boots that I could fit over my calves. I literally tried about 10 pairs before I found these from Born.

So far the challenge has been fairly easy. I did identify a potential issue with not having enough shirts to last me a whole week before I do laundry. not sure how I'm going to get around that problem. I do like having a limited number of options so it's fairly easy to pick out what to wear in the morning.

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